Breath of the Wild: Best Ways To Kill Time & Ignore Ganon

Breath of the Wild: Best Ways To Kill Time & Ignore Ganon

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild presents expansive options for exploring the world of Hyrule, encouraging players to postpone battling Ganon.

The open-world map in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild presents players with numerous possibilities for exploration immediately after leaving the Great Plateau. Diverse biomes are littered with opportunities to collect resources, battle monsters, and unlock Shrines. Unlike the linear storylines of previous The Legend of Zelda games, players can choose to march out and tackle Ganon with nothing more than a stick, or spend time building an arsenal of weapons to help liberate Hyrule. For those wanting to put off the big boss fight, there are plenty of ways to kill time and explore in Breath of the Wild.

Stepping into Breath of the Wild’s dystopian Hyrule can be an intimidating experience for new and returning players. The map isn’t fully visible at the beginning and requires Sheikah Towers to be activated using a Sheikah Slate to expand the visible portions. Because of this, first-time players are walking blindly into the many challenges in each biome, from harsh temperatures to dangerous enemies. Certain regions are more difficult than others, which makes collecting powerful weapons and leveling stamina and health crucial to survival. This vast map also makes it easy to become sidetracked from main quests.

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Breath of the Wild has also added numerous ways to pass the time for those wanting to avoid the final battle with Ganon. These tasks include cooking, crafting, and hunting among many others. Players can choose to spend hours hunting down the perfect horse to act as their mount or travel the entirety of Hyrule to collect Link’s missing memories with the help of the pictures saved within the Sheikah Slate. There are also special secrets hidden throughout Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule. These include the Giant Fairy Fountains that spawn rare forageable items and are the source of upgrades for Link’s clothing. With so many things to do, postponing the fight with Ganon can sometimes be accidental, instead of intentional.

How To Kill Time In Breath Of The Wild – Find Every Shrine

Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Hardest Shrines Ranked By Difficulty Constellations

A great way to kill time and level Link is by hunting down Shrines. There are 120 Shrines in Breath of the Wild. Some of these Shrines can be found in plain sight and require no effort to enter. Others are perched atop mountains or surrounded by sharp thorns, making entry more difficult. Harder still, several Shrines require players to solve difficult puzzles before they can be accessed. Once found, the Shrine will offer a challenge like solving another puzzle or fighting a powerful enemy in exchange for rewards.

However, Shrine hunting is an important part of leveling Link. Every defeated Shrine earns players a Spirit Orb. Four Spirit Orbs can be brought to a Goddess Statue and exchanged for increased hearts or stamina. Defeating Shrines also allows players the ability to collect Ancient parts and weapons. The parts can be used to craft Breath of the Wild’s Ancient Arrows, and the weapons are effective against Guardians.

Kill Time In Breath Of The Wild By Unlocking Every Divine Beast

Breath Of The Wild Divine Beast Flying

Despite their importance to the story in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, liberating each of the four Divine Beasts is not mandatory for battling Calamity Ganon. However, doing so can provide players a boost if and when they choose to venture into Hyrule Castle. The Divine Beasts were originally piloted by four Champions of Hyrule. However, the Champions were killed by Ganon’s Blights and remained possessed by their influence for the next 100 years. Link can board the Beasts and defeat each Blight Ganon in a mini-boss battle. Doing so gives Link access to special abilities like Mipha’s Grace or Revali’s Gale.

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Each Divine Beast is made of Sheikah technology. Players must navigate difficult terrain, puzzles, and enemies to unlock a series of Guidance Stones. Once these have all been located, this enables players to battle each Blight Ganon. Each Blight Ganon utilizes a different element and presents a difficult fight. Because of this, players will want to take the time to stock up on healing items and weapons. However, after unlocking the Guidance Stone at the entrance of each Divine Beast, it is possible to leave and return if a restock on supplies is needed.

Avoid Breath Of The Wild’s Final Battle With Ganon By Taming A Giant Horse

There are plenty of things to ride in Breath of the Wildincluding horses. To tame a horse, Link must successfully sneak up behind the desired target and mount it. After this, Link must have more Stamina than the horse; otherwise, he will be kicked off and the horse will run away. Horses with better speed and stamina are harder to tame and will require stamina potions or upgrades to capture. While any horse wandering the map may fit the needs for quick travel across Hyrule, there is a special Giant Horse that is the perfect time-killer for those wanting to avoid battling Ganon.

The Giant Horse lives in Breath of the Wild’s Taobab Grasslands and has a unique appearance. It has a black body, orange mane, and is much larger than any other horse. The Giant Horse is much harder to tame, requiring a high bar of upgraded stamina, as well as stealth potions to get close enough to mount it. Additional stamina potions are also helpful when trying to tame it. However, once captured, the Giant Horse possesses infinite stamina. This means it can run without tiring despite the distance Link needs to travel. The only setback is that it is slightly slower than some of the other horses available.

For those who have already completed the above adventures but are still wanting to avoid battling Ganon, there are still numerous ways to take advantage of Breath of the Wild’s gameplay. Players can spend hours foraging for wild resources like mushrooms, ore, and flowers, all of which respawn within 24 hours. These can be sold for profit or used to craft numerous dishes and elixirs. It is also possible to wander around The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild searching for Korok Seeds, engaging in shield surfing, or simply enjoying the scenery if players aren’t ready for their journey in Hyrule to end.

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