Canada and USA have unveiled their Olympic uniforms and the internet – of course – has thoughts

Canada and USA have unveiled their Olympic uniforms and the internet – of course – has thoughts

Team USA has presented their uniforms for the scheduled Olympic and Paralympic Closing Ceremony, which will take place in Tokyo later this year.

Created by fifth American designer Ralph Lauren, the all-white outfits were announced Wednesday through a series of images showing model athletes looking heroic toward the invisible horizon.

But in addition to comparing astronaut gear and attire from high school movies of the 1970s, the uniforms are also being compared online – to neighboring Canada.

Olympic officials north of the border have taken a completely more informal approach.

Although Canada is choosing sportswear for the opening ceremonies and medal podiums, the closing ceremony jackets are made of denim and painted with graffiti-style writing and “spray painted” maple leaves.

Designed by Hudson Bay and Levi, the jackets will be worn alongside the upcoming white jeans. According to the Team Canada website, the team is “twisted into an iconic Canadian tuxedo,” referring to the name Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave Brian Adams, which gave Canadians the desired “double denim” look. .

Although first unveiled last year, images of Jean Jacket reappeared on social media on Wednesday, with social reactions ranging from “unique and fun” to the cancellation of the Olympics.

“Oh, Canada is coming to the ’20 -some girls’ branch for the closing ceremony of the Olympics,” tweeted sportswriter Jenna Herner. Writer and podcast host Dana Piccoli has already written: Yes, wear this denim. Cover it with enamel pins. Gorg

The recently announced Team USA designs by Ralph Lauren also received a mixed response on social media. “Every four years, Ralph Lauren does everything possible to dress our best athlete in the most comfortable outfit,” tweeted Daily Beast reporter Max Tani.

Modeling a variety of athletes, from wrestler Jordan Buro to water polo star Ashley Johnson, the sleek white uniforms come with navy blue collars and red clothing. The garment was made using “more durable materials and manufacturing practices” than the previous year, the brand said.

For the first time, the US Olympics will not wear Ralph Lauren, which isn’t the first time since 2008 that Team USA’s official outfit hasn’t even worn denim to the Olympics – in London in 2012 , his athletes wore jeans.

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