Captain Marvel Is Stronger Than Aquaman – Even Underwater

Captain Marvel Is Stronger Than Aquaman – Even Underwater

Aquaman is no longer the king of fighting underwater as Marvel has just shown that Captain Marvel can easily beat him, even on his home turf.

Warning: contains spoilers for Captain Marvel #29!

Captain Marvel is already one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe, but now she’s proved she can also take on DC’s Aquaman and win – even underwater. Carol Danvers, technically the third person to assume the mantle of Captain Marvel, has traveled through space as an interstellar warrior, but traveling to the ocean floor and fighting is a new experience for her. Yet that’s exactly what occurs in Captain Marvel #29, written by Kelly Thompson with art by Jacopo and colors by Espen Grundetjern, which sees Carol go on a quest to the bottom of the ocean to save the future from a terrible fate.

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Captain Marvel has been through quite the ordeal in current comics continuity. She’s seen a terrible future in which Ove, the son of Namor and Enchantress, lords over a dystopian Earth. She’s called off her relationship with James Rhodes, aka War Machine, when she saw his daughter in the future and realized she wasn’t the mother. This was followed by a one-night tryst with Doctor Strange and finally a desire to defeat Ove no matter the cost. In Captain Marvel #28, a desperate Carol Danvers asked Doctor Strange to teach her magic, and the Sorcerer Supreme responded by laughing in her face. Since she couldn’t convince Doctor Strange, a desperate Captain Marvel goes to the one person she truly shouldn’t: the villain Enchantress. 

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The Enchantress takes Captain Marvel down to the ocean floor to retrieve a powerful magical artifact called the Heart of the Serpent, a fist-sized pearl imbued with tremendous power. As Captain Marvel battles a monstrous sea creature, it must be noted that she’s in a terribly hostile environment, even without the monster. The immense pressure on the ocean floor is truly terrifying and can even be enough to crush military submarines if deep enough. Yet Captain Marvel moves about the ocean floor as easily as she flies through space. But her next feat puts her within striking distance of DC’s King of Atlantis himself, Aquaman.

Captain Marvel is seen absorbing energy directly from hydrothermal vents and using the excess energy to rocket back to the surface. The temperature from these vents can be incredibly high and Carol has no problem absorbing the energy. Add that to her long-range energy blasts and she has a virtually unlimited source of energy on the ocean floor. Aquaman, with all his power and strength, can’t even hope to match Carol’s energy-absorption powers in his own domain – and he has no long-range attacks aside from simple throwing weapons, something she can easily dodge.

Aquaman in the DC Universe commands the sea and nearly every sea creature that resides within. But Captain Marvel’s ability to defeat a massive sea serpent, along with her energy-absorption powers, and her ease of movement on the ocean floor where the pressure would easily crush steel, make her a truly formidable opponent. Aquaman fans should take solace in the fact that he operates in a different universe, because if Captain Marvel ever met the King of Atlantis in battle, she would defeat him easily – by using the power of his own home against him.

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