Chris Pratt’s 10 Best Movies (Not In The MCU), According To Rotten Tomatoes

Chris Pratt’s 10 Best Movies (Not In The MCU), According To Rotten Tomatoes

While audiences loved Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation, he hit a new level of stardom when he was cast as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. The role showed off Pratt’s likable comedic skills while also showing a new side of him as an action hero.

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Star-Lord remains Pratt’s most famous role, but there are other notable movies in his filmography, including the recently released The Tomorrow War. From the supporting roles before he found fame to his non-superhero lead roles, Pratt has built an impressive career outside of the MCU.

10 The Magnificent Seven (2016) – 64%

Chris Pratt As Joshua In The Magnificent Seven

Antoine Fuqua directed this Western remake of The Magnificent Seven, which is itself a remake of Seven Samurai. Pratt stars alongside the likes of Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke as a band of cowboys who are hired to protect a small town from an evil baron.

Fans quickly admitted that this new version of the story is significantly less “magnificent” than the movies that inspired it. However, with a likable cast of talented actors, many saw this as an entertaining enough Western action movie that delivered thrills without reinventing the wheel.

9 The Five-Year Engagement (2012) – 64%

Pratt was still in the goofy sidekick era of his career when he joined the cast of The Five-Year Engagement. The movie stars Emily Blunt and Jason Segel as a couple whose upcoming wedding keeps getting pushed back, putting a strain on their relationship. Pratt plays Segel’s best friend who ends up marrying Blunt’s sister, played by Alison Brie.

The movie is stacked with hilarious actors like Mindy Kaling, Kevin Hart, and Dakota Johnson. Critics specifically pointed to the leads as being very effective, charming, and funny. The movie’s excessive length was a common criticism, though the script was called surprisingly deep and intelligent.

8 Wanted (2008) – 71%


Chris Pratt in Wanted (2008)

Long before becoming an action star himself, Pratt played a small comedic role in the wild action-thriller Wanted. Based on a comic book of the same name, it stars James McAvoy as a mild-mannered office drone who is recruited into an ancient order of assassins. Pratt plays McAvoy’s obnoxious co-worker.

Though some dismissed the movie as mindless mayhem, others found it to be stylish popcorn fun. McAvoy and his costars, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, were singled out for their fun performances which helped make up for an over-the-top plot.

7 Jurassic World (2015) – 71%

Chris Pratt As Owen In Jurassic World

Following the massive success of Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt became the hottest action hero in Hollywood and quickly secured the lead in another huge franchise. In Jurassic World, Pratt plays Owen Grady, the park’s heroic raptor trainer. But when the dinosaurs inevitably go wild in the fully functioning theme park, it’s up to Owen to save the day.

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As a surprise to no one, the movie failed to match the original movie’s inventiveness in the eyes of critics. Still, despite not feeling as special, most critics acknowledged that the movie exists purely to provide blockbuster entertainment which it largely succeeds at.

6 The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) – 84%

After proving the world wrong by making a LEGO movie incredibly fun, it was inevitable that a sequel would soon follow. The LEGO Movie 2 has Pratt playing double duty as he returns as the lovable and heroic Emmitt while also voicing a new character named Rex Dangervest who seems to be a parody of Pratt’s action hero roles.

Like the first movie, this sequel was praised for being the rare animated movie that is as enjoyable for adults as it is for children. Critics admitted that it is not on the same level as its predecessor in terms of sheer fun, but it still delivered plenty of humor and heart.

5 Onward (2020) – 88%

Chris Pratt Voices Barley In Onward

Pratt joined fellow MCU star Tom Holland as they stepping into the magical world of PixarOnward has the two actors playing elf brothers who attempt to find a magical spell that will allow them to share one more day with their deceased father.

When compared to some of Pixar’s classic titles, critics pointed out that Onward does not hold up quite as well. However, they also complimented the fun world-building of the story and its use of the perfected Pixar formula.

4 Zero Dark Thirty (2012) – 91%

Before making the incredible transformation into a muscular action hero in the MCU, Pratt got himself into shape to play a soldier in the Oscar-winning real-life story of Zero Dark Thirty. The complex political thriller details the extensive intelligence mission to track down Osama bin Laden with Pratt playing one of the soldiers who took part in the eventual assassination mission.

The movie was signed out for its incredible attention to detail in telling this real-life thriller story. Director Kathryn Bigelow was also praised for her ability to craft a suspenseful and gripping movie despite everyone knowing how it would end.

3 Moneyball (2011) – 94%

Pratt had a smaller yet still impressive role in another Best Picture nominee also based on a true story. Moneyball was led by Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team who used statistics to build a baseball team that could compete with the richer MLB teams. Pratt portrayed a player who was given a second chance with Beane’s new approach.

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Though baseball and math might not be popular subject matters for most audiences, the movie was commended for not only making it accessible but also compelling. Pitt and costar Jonah Hill’s performances were acknowledged for adding to his funny and sharp true story.

2 Her (2013) – 94%

It might surprise some fans to learn how many Best Picture nominees Pratt has appeared in. Her is yet another acclaimed awards-contender that featured a supporting role from Pratt. The unusual romantic comedy stars Joaquin Phoenix as a lonely man who falls in love with his operating system (voiced by Scarlett Johansson).

The movie was seen as another huge achievement by visionary filmmaker Spike Jonze. It earned a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics who called it a sweet and smart movie with excellent performances from Phoenix and Johansson as the odd couple.

1 The LEGO Movie (2014) – 96%

Emmett falling in The Lego Movie.

In the same year Pratt became a star with Guardians of the Galaxy, he had another surprise hit with The LEGO Movie. Pratt took on the lead role of Emmet, a highly positive everyday man who believed to be the “chosen one” who will help defeat the sinister Lord Business.

The movie was praised for its inventive animation style, clever story, and humor that was entertaining for children and adults. With a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, The LEGO Movie surprised critics as much as it did audiences.

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