Cleveland Browns sign Jadeveon Clowney, bolstering pass rush opposite Myles Garrett

Cleveland Browns sign Jadeveon Clowney, bolstering pass rush opposite Myles Garrett

Andrew Berry was relentless in his search for certain Edge defenders.

The Browns hope their new defensive lines remain stable as long as they follow rival quarterbacks.

Jadevan Clooney signed a one-year contract with the Browns on Wednesday, when the three-time Pro Bowl pick went to the team’s Beria headquarters for the second time in three weeks, the team confirmed in a statement.

We are excited to add Jadevan to our defensive line,” said Browns coach Kevin Stefanski. He’s a restraining force that will help us against runs and passes. We’ve been able to make great additions to our defense in free agency and we look forward to working to improve our team.”

Along with the move, Berry pulled off another defensive consequence that topped him last year in his first offseason as the general manager of the Browns.

Jadeoven has had a very productive career since 2014. We love his relentless play,” Berry said. “He’s a more restrained player in the game and we think he’s going to add an element of toughness to our defensive line and to many of us. Already on the roster we love Jadevan differently. His versatility, his ability to play across the front line. and their lineup affects the game no matter what. ”

Berry signed a one-year contract for বছরের 4.25 million with defensive end Tuck McKinley on March 18 after trying to acquire him four times in 2020.

The Browns now have three defensive advantages that were first-round picks, two of which were selected first.

Houston Texans Clooney was ranked # 1 in 2014 by the University of South Carolina. The Browns selected All-Pro Miles Garrett at No. 1 outside of Texas A&M University in 2017, beating Atlanta Falcons McKinney the same year. 26 from UCLA.

The Browners discussed McKinley’s business before the Atlanta Falcons released him. Berry then applied for three exemptions on McKinley’s behalf, but rebounded from the Cincinnati Bengals to the San Francisco 49ers to the Las Vegas Raiders as the Browns were behind those teams in relegation order.

According to Sports Illustrated, Berrio also went after Clooney last year and the Browners offered him more money than any other team. According to Sports Illustrated, the price of him for a one-year contract reached 15 million pounds and they also tried to seduce him. NFL Network hires $ 57.57 million every three years.

Instead of joining the Browns a year ago when they were setting a -10-10 record, Clooney eventually signed a one-year, $ 13 million deal with the Tennessee Titans, reunited with Colsh Mike Vrabel, and Plowish with Clooney before graduating from Walsh Jesuit. High School: He coached and served as the defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans.

Since then, the Browns have reversed their fortunes, going 11-5 last season under first-year head coach Kevin Stefansky to earn their first playoff spot in 18 years, then winning their first postseason in 2 years. before losing in the divisional round.

It wasn’t very good for Clooney, the 26-year-old, as an injured left knee derailed his second career with Vrabel.

Clooney missed the final seven of the regular season after playing just eight games last season and failed to post a sack all year. He landed on injured reserve on November 21 and underwent surgery on a torn meniscus cartilage in December, the NFL Network reported. He finished with 19 tackles, including four losses, six quarterback hits, four defenses and a forced run in half a season.

Despite Clooney’s moderate production last season, he has maintained his status as a favorite, ranking 19th out of 109 rated edge defenders the website rated in 2020. He ranks 104th in 2019 and 104 in 2018.

The PFF has ranked Clooney as the fourth-best lead defender in free agency this offseason, beating Tampa Bay Buchananj’s Shakil Barrett as JJ. Watt of the Arizona Cardinals and Carl Lawson of the New York Jets. They have been off the market for about a month. The Browns chased Watt before the Cardinals chose on March 1.

Olivia Vernon is one spot behind Clooney in the PFF rankings, paired for 20th among leading defenders last season. Vernon started against Garrett in the past two years and had nine sacks last season, the team’s second was Garrett’s 12th. For the second time, Achilles, who also broke the regular season finale on January 3, faced a bidding on March 1 and became an uncontrolled free agent. The Browns are not expected to return.

The Browners also cut defensive end Adrian Clairen and let go of defensive lacquers Ogunzobi and Vincent Taylor in this offseason free agency.

They replaced the linemen with clones, McKinley and the owner of defensive tackle Jackson, another free agency pick. They have been hoping to face Andrew Billings on defense since signing with them last year, but Covid-19 has been ruled out of the season due to concerns.

The 6-foot-5-inch and 255-pound clone made the Pro Bowl every season from 2016-18 and was selected as the second All-Pro team in 2016 by the Associated Press. From 2016 to 2020, he was just one of three NFL players with at least 600 losses, eight forced fumbles and 150 quarterbacks, according to Sporter. His best passing run production came in 2017, when his career had 96 sacks and 21 quarterback hits and 2018, when he had nine sacks and 21 QB hits.

He has started 74 of the 3 regular season games in which he has appeared and has collected 255 tackles, including 325 sacks, 86 QB hits, nine forced fumbles, 18 earned defenses, one obstacle returned for a 27-yard touchdown. and for the recovery of eight fragments, all three of which resulted in touchdowns. He has 1 tackle, five QB hits and 20 tackles with a hazard in five playoff games.

The Browns are Clooney’s fourth team in many years. In 2019, the Texans franchised him on March 4, he signed his offer on August 31, and the Texans signed him on September 1 near the Seattle Seahawks with outside linebackers Barkirish Mingo, former Brown and Jacob Martin and third running pick from 2020. Had three sacks in 13 games in the regular season and 18 more in two postseason games with the Seahawks. He later became an uninterrupted free agent.

The clown hasn’t played a full season since 2013 and has been injured in each of his last two stops. He suffered a major muscle injury with the Seahawks in the 10th week of the 2019 season, missed three games and decided to delay surgery until the offseason. He later suffered the most knee injuries while playing for the Titans. He underwent microfracture surgery on his right knee, in disguise, with the Texans.

However, the Brownes clearly believe that a healthy clown can help them reach their goal of reaching the Super Bowl for the first time.

Berry’s mission is to improve all levels of defense this offseason, and he will continue to work on the draft from April 29 to May 1. Berry can still make a defensive finish in the first round (No. 2 overall), but Cloney sees the cornerback as the most likely form.

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