Clubhouse DMs Available With ‘Backchannel’ Feature: How To Use It Right Now

Clubhouse DMs Available With ‘Backchannel’ Feature: How To Use It Right Now

Clubhouse now offers users the option to send each other messages within the app. Here’s what you need to know about Backchannel and how it works.

Clubhouse has launched a direct messaging option called Backchannel, while also informing users that even more Backchannel features are on the way in the coming weeks. Direct messaging is a common feature among social media apps, including Instagram and Twitter. Back in June, Clubhouse accidentally leaked Backchannel to a few users before rolling it back again ahead of the official launch. 

Another upcoming feature will allow users to report a Room whose topic has violated the community guidelines. Clubhouse also recently started offered Android users the option to add other social media accounts to their profile, something that’s already available via the iOS app. Earlier this year, Clubhouse rolled out a new Payments feature to iPhone users, allowing them to send money to each other. While Clubhouse was initially available just as an iOS app, an Android version was released back in May

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Clubhouse has now officially announced Backchannel, outlining what users can do with the new feature. The Backchannel button — which looks like a paper airplane — will be located in the bottom right corner of the screen next to the “Start a room” button. Once tapped, users will be able to start a Backchannel with one person or a group chat. It’s also possible to add new people to a group chat after it has started. In addition, users can send links to Rooms, along with clubs and profile pages. Clubhouse also hinted at upcoming features, such as starting a Room directly from a Backchannel chat, sending photos and videos, and message reactions. 

Why Clubhouse Needed DMs

Besides the usual benefits associated with direct messages, there are a few Clubhouse-specific features that are now possible. For example, reaching out to a speaker in order to further discussion or for a speaker to follow up on a question that someone asked, all while not derailing the flow of the conversation in the Room. It also allows friends to discuss what they just heard in a Room without having to leave the Clubhouse app. Furthermore, Backchannel also makes it possible for people to reach out to those they might not have had a chance to interact with before, fostering potential new friendships. 

Growth is crucial for Clubhouse to remain successful, as other social media apps are releasing their own similar features, like Spaces on Twitter, Spotify Greenroom and four separate audio features from Facebook. Adding the Backchannel feature will be an important step toward continuing the momentum Clubhouse has picked up over the last year and, more importantly, keeping its users on the platform in the future. 

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