COVID-19 Vaccine Milestone, Biden in Atlanta, NCAA Tournament: 5 Fridays to Know

COVID-19 Vaccine Milestone, Biden in Atlanta, NCAA Tournament: 5 Fridays to Know

The United States is on track to reach the COVID-19 vaccine milestone

The Biden administration is expected to record 100 million coronavirus shots in the country on Friday. “Next week, we’ll announce our next goal of firing weapons,” Biden said in a news release Thursday, weeks before President Joe Biden achieved his goal of reaching a milestone within 100 days of his term. Said in. He instructed the states to provide doses to adults after May 1, the deadline many states say the meeting is okay.

Each state in the United States has at least one case of variant coronavirus. Live COVID-19 update

COVID-19 vaccine is nearby: a digital tool to help you find the vaccination site

Biden meets Harris with Asian-American leaders in Atlanta

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris responded to concerns that gunmen might have killed eight after three Asian spies killed six Asian women in the region. , Meet in Atlanta on Friday. Zheng Yuhuang, chairman of the 100 Chinese-American Leadership Group Committee, praised the Biden administration for beginning to address the concerns of Asian Americans and the Pacific community. “But we need to do a lot about education, training, funding and community engagement at the federal, state and local levels to end anti-Asian alien exclusion and hatred,” Huang said. Said. A visit to Atlanta was arranged before being fired to take advantage of the 91.9 trillion CUVID-19 bailout package recently approved by the President. In the wake of Georgia’s tragedy, the White House said the political part of the visit is now postponed.

Judge Derek Chauvin decides defense request

Judge Derek Chauvin decides on Friday to postpone the operation and provide evidence related to George Floyd’s 2019 arrest at the request of defense authorities. Chauvin was charged with two, three and two murders in the Floyd murder case that caused global protests against racism and police atrocities last May. All 12 juries were brought to justice following a series of reductions in neutrality concerns. After asking the jury candidate about Black Lives Matter’s discrimination, color and people’s crackdown, on Thursday a week and a half, leadership defense lawyer Eric Nelson told the jury candidate:

The first round of the NCAA tournament is running on another day

The first round of this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament will be held on a different schedule than last year, with the second round scheduled for Sunday and Monday. Also, all games are held in Indiana, most of them in Indianapolis. The first round begins at Virginia Tech in Florida. Friday ET. Seed number 2 is also effective on Friday’s slate, with boilers and Illinois competing against Hartford and Drexel, respectively. The first four kicked in action style on Thursday night, and Cherry sent Michigan State University out of the house and then sent Cherry to the pinnacle of good night.

Marvel’s “Falcon & Winter Soldier” premiered at Disney +

Marvel reaffirmed the success of the first Disney + TV series “WandaVision” connected to the Cinematic Universe, and “Falcon & Winter Soldier” launched six episodes on Friday. Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson / Falcon) and Sebastian Stan (remaining Burns / Winter Soldier) have recreated their role as Steve Rogers / Captain America’s Avengers and Friends. They are spotlighting teams in the more geopolitically unstable “Avengers: Endgame” world. But these two heroes don’t just build a bond. “There aren’t two more people in the world who are against it, so it works perfectly,” says McKee. Brian Troit states that the series “is in the style of a friend’s action film because it deals with patriotism and caste themes.” In her (four) reviews, television critic Kelly Laura said that for those who like punchy, kicky, international spy movies, “Falcon” probably has all the checkboxes checked. Say it will.


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