Crossclip Can Automatically Convert Twitch Clips To TikTok For You

Crossclip Can Automatically Convert Twitch Clips To TikTok For You

Editing Twitch clips for TikTok is a great way for someone to grow their streaming community. Crossclip is a new app that does that for you.

Streamlabs, the company behind the self-named streaming application, has launched a new tool that allows Twitch streamers to easily convert their clips into TikToks and other vertical videos. Launched in 2014, Streamlabs has become a go-to application for countless Twitch streamers. It offers cloud backups, high-quality overlays, and even the ability to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. While not necessary for streamers just starting out, it’s a great way for someone to expand their skills once Twitch’s built-in platform becomes a bit too simple.

Twitch is arguably the best platform for aspiring streamers to build an audience. It’s incredibly well-known, is easy to use, and allows creators to earn money for their content. Of course, cultivating a community doesn’t happen on one platform. For people serious about growing their brand, it’s just as important to be present on sites like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. The more places someone’s content is available, the better chance they have of turning their hobby into something much more serious. As simple as that sounds on paper, actually creating and publishing content on multiple apps/websites is easier said than done.

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Thankfully, Streamlabs thinks it’s come up with a perfect solution. It’s called Crossclip, and it’s an iOS app that’s available to download right now. After downloading the app and logging in with a Twitch account, it shows all the saved stream clips on that account. From there, the clip is automatically edited in a TikTok-friendly format, a separate file for the video is created, and users can then share it directly to TikTok, Instagram, or any other app of their choosing.

Why Crossclip Is A Great Tool For Streamers

Crossclips app for turning Twitch clips into TikToks

Crossclip offers three layouts of which a clip can be edited — including Portrait Split, Portrait Crop, and Full Blur. Each one takes the shape of a vertical video and changes the placement of the gameplay and camera, thus making the videos feel a lot more at home on things like TikTok and Instagram Stories. Although making these types of edits manually isn’t the most challenging thing in the world, having an app that can automate the process in the blink of an eye is pretty amazing.

Crossclip is free for anyone to use, but there is an optional subscription to get the most out of the app. For folks that pay $4.99/month or $49.99/year, they’ll gain access to 1080p/60fps exports, support for larger uploads, more layer options, and faster processing times. A subscription also removes the Crossclip watermark on edited videos, helping them look a bit more professional. It’s unclear if/when an Android version will be available, but for now, iPhone users should definitely give it a look.

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Source: Streamlabs

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