Crowfall: Best Confessor Builds

Crowfall: Best Confessor Builds

ArtCraft’s long-awaited MMORPG Crowfall has finally arrived on PC, and like most MMORPGs, it includes a robust race and class system used to build different types of characters. Crowfall has a lot of features similar to other MMORPGs, including a focus on teamwork, PvP, and the in-game economy. Taking advantage of different character builds for unique classes can ensure players succeed, help their team, and level up fast in Crowfall.

Classes in Crowfall are divided into three categories: Fighter classes, Rogue classes, and Mage classes. Fighter classes, like the Knight and the Myrmidon, take the fight to enemies with close-range melee attacks. Rogue classes, like the Assassin and the Ranger, use unconventional tactics to succeed on the battlefield. Mage classes, like the Frostweaver and the Confessor, cast spells from a distance to keep enemies at bay. Each class can also be further broken down into subclasses, called promotions, with unique specializations. This guide details some of the best builds for the Confessor class and its promotions in Crowfall.

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The Best Builds And Promotions For The Confessor Class In Crowfall

crowfall confessor fire mage

The Elken, High-Elf, and Nethari races in Crowfall have access to the Confessor class. Confessor gear includes leather armor and books. Confessors have a unique set of subclasses promotions that lead players toward different playstyles. The three promotions available for Confessors are the Fanatic, the Inquisitor, and the Sanctifier. There are specific builds that work well with each promotion.

Fanatic Promotion

The Fanatic is a ranged DPS class that deals damage from a distance. Fanatics gain increased attack power, mana, critical strike chance, critical damage, and fire damage. Fanatics’ altered Fire Tornadoes hit targets multiple times, while their altered Hellfire Aura has an increased radius. Fanatics’ auto-attacks apply elemental break as well as a stacking damage buff. Fanatics also get Fire Wave, a cone-shaped AoE attack that deals damage and burns targets. Fanatics have access to the Justice, Fire, or Music Domains. The best major disciplines for Fanatics are Arkon’s Disciple, Molten Mage, and Redeemer. The best minor disciplines are Spreading Flame, Weapon Finesse, and Stay in the Fight.

Inquisitor Promotion

The Inquisitor is a healer/ranged DPS hybrid class. While not a pure healer build like a Frostweaver Icecaller, Inquisitors are able to heal their group acceptably. Inquisitors gain increased support power, mana, critical damage, critical healing amount, critical healing chance, and fire damage. Inquisitors’ altered Fervor has a shorter cooldown and heals all group members, while their altered Fire Tornadoes heal friendly targets. Inquisitors’ altered Hellfire heals allies and isn’t consumed by tornadoes. Inquisitors can unlock Fire of Life, which heals the weakest group member and temporarily prevents them from dying. Inquisitors have access to the Light, Fire, or Storm Domains. The best major disciplines for Inquisitors are Redeemer, Cloisterer, and Convictor. The best minor disciplines are Weapon Finesse, Thornshield, and Reaper.

Sanctifier Promotion

The Sanctifier is a melee tank class. Sanctifiers can wear mail and plate armor and gain increased HP, mana, critical damage, and fire damage. Sanctifiers’ altered Fire Tornadoes apply a knockdown, while their altered Hellfire Aura has increased damage, can hit up to seven targets, and can’t be consumed by tornadoes. Sanctifiers’ altered Fervor has a shorter cooldown, makes the player immune to crowd control, and increases resistances. Finally, their altered Meteor Purge has a shorter cooldown and applies a barrier to the player. Sanctifiers also unlock Blink of Faith, a 30-meter, leaping AoE attack that also applies a barrier and dismounts enemies. Sanctifiers get access to the Music, Fire, or Protection Domains. The best major disciplines for Sanctifiers are Convictor, Cloisterer, and Arkon’s Disciple. The best minor disciplines are Stay in the Fight, Thornshield, and Weapon Finesse.

If players are looking for an efficient tank build in Crowfall, it’s probably a better idea to pick a class like Knight Secutor. While Sanctifiers can be effective, the Fanatic and Inquisitor promotions are more apt for the Confessor class overall.

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Crowfall is available on PC.

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