Cyclops is The Key To Saving The X-Men’s Future

Cyclops is The Key To Saving The X-Men’s Future

The X-Men have made their spectacular return to the Marvel Universe, and Cyclops is key to ensuring their continued success in the eyes of humanity.

Warning: spoilers ahead for X-Men #1!

With the X-Men finally making their return to the Marvel Universe in X-Men #1, a familiar sense of hope has been restored to the reputation of mutants – and it’s becoming clear that Cyclops is central to ensuring the future of this status quo. For the past couple years, the X-books have been entrenched in the morally grey politics of the mutant society of Krakoa, but a new coat of color has been added to the X-Men with the arrival of Cyclops and Jean Grey’s New York City based team.

Now that mutants have finally found prosperity by joining together to become a dominant world superpower, a traditional team of X-Men hasn’t been a necessity… at least not to the leaders of Krakoa. In X-Men #16, Cyclops and Jean Grey came to the conclusion that a mutant team of superheroes that acts as a separate entity from the bureaucratic system of Krakoa is of utmost importance. While Krakoa’s Quiet Council has been vital to keeping their utopian society affluent and strong, they operate within political boundaries that often muddle ethical lines. This new team of X-Men is formed to be a moral beacon of hope that fights for the people – a counterbalance to the governing body that decides what’s best for them. But where did this spark to keep the X-Men dream alive come from? The answer, it seems, can be linked all the way back to Cyclops’ childhood.

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The opening pages of X-Men #1 by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz reveals the X-Men’s brand new headquarters, a literal tree house. Equally as interesting is Scott Summers aka Cyclops’ renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment from jumping back into the world of superheroics. Scott says that the Treehouse, “makes me feel alive…like when I was a kid,” and “I never had a tree house growing up, but I always wanted one.” It’s clear that the simplistic, good vs. bad viewpoint of being a superhero is where Scott’s heart lies, and this couldn’t be more in line with what’s been previously revealed about Scott’s youth.

In last year’s X-Men: Marvel’s Snapshots #1, readers learned that the advent of superheroes is what inspired a young Scott to find the hero within himself. A victim to amnesia and isolated within an orphanage front for Mr. Sinister’s experimentations, Scott was confused and alone in the world until the day he witnessed the first-ever footage of the Fantastic Four on the news. With a newfound sense of hope and color in his life, Scott managed to find his own sense of self-assurance through the heroes he admired – a spark that would ultimately lead to him becoming the fearless leader of the X-Men.

Even in this modern era of Krakoa, Cyclops still hasn’t lost sight of his core values – and so far, this seems to be the key to saving the future of mutant/human relations. Ever since mutants established their own sovereign nation, there’s been a collective unease felt around the world. However, within the events of the first issue alone, Cyclops and Jean’s dream team of X-Men have managed to turn mutants’ image around pretty drastically- reminding humans that the X-Men can be just as trusted to protect their world as the Avengers. By extending his child-like sense of hope and wonder to the rest of the world in the form of a tree house in the middle of Manhattan, Cyclops is establishing a branch of trust with the rest of humanity in a far more effective manner than the Krakoan Quiet Council has managed. When tensions between Krakoa and the rest of the world inevitably reach a boiling point, Cyclops‘ inspired leadership just may be the only thing keeping mutants morally grounded.

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