Darkseid’s Legacy Means That Even Dead, He’s Just as Dangerous

Darkseid’s Legacy Means That Even Dead, He’s Just as Dangerous

Darkseid is the ultimate evil in the DC Universe, and his presence is so large and commanding, he is still a great danger even after death!

Spoilers for Justice League Infinity #1 ahead!

In the DC Animated Universe, Darkseid was seemingly destroyed in the final episode of Justice League Unlimited, but now readers learn that his legacy means that he is as dangerous in death as he was in life. In the first issue of Justice League Infinity, a continuation of the acclaimed cartoon, the Justice League must deal with the fallout from their actions.

Darkseid cut a large and horrifying presence over the DC Animated Universe. Appearing as the primary antagonist in Superman: The Animated Series, he would return to menace the Justice League in the final episode of their cartoon. After being restored to life, he came to Earth to finish his crusade against the planet and Superman in particular. Darkseid was seemingly killed by Lex Luthor (with an assist from Metron and the Anti-Life Equation) but Apokolips lives on, and without Darkseid, the planet has plunged into conflict, and now it has come to Earth.

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Now, in Justice League Infinity #1 from J.M. DeMaties, James Tucker, Ethen Beavers, Nick Filardi, Tom Napolitano, the Justice League has assembled to throw a surprise birthday party for the Flash. Just as the party kicks off, a Boom Tube opens aboard the Watchtower; Granny Goodness and a horde of Parademons swarm the League’s headquarters. The League fights them off, and a few minutes later, another Boom Tube opens and Kalibak, complete with his own army, arrives. The League learns that in the wake of Darkseid’s defeat, his army has split into various factions, each vying for the throne; both see defeating the Justice League as a way to obtain it. Barda and Mister Miracle, once denizens of Apokolips themselves, rig a Mother Box to create a Boom Tube to send Granny, Kalibak and all their soldiers back to where they came.

Kalibak, Darkseid

Regardless of which universe he appears in, Darkseid is the ultimate evil; Apokolips might as well be Hell. In his quest for the Anti-Life Equation, he has enslaved and killed countless people. Darkseid has taken the heroes of Earth down to the wire on many occasions; he was almost successful in “Destroyer.” Darkseid is so evil, and so powerful, that even in death, he threatens the Justice League. Both Granny Goodness and Kalibak still went after the Justice League, even though they were on opposite sides of the civil war on Apokolips—Darkseid’s influence was that great.

Darkseid’s goal of destroying the Justice League was almost realized after his death, by two of his former acolytes. Darkseid’s legacy is one of evil and despair and it is a legacy that continues after his apparent death.

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