Darkseid’s Master Plan Hinges on Flash’s Most Famous Story

Darkseid’s Master Plan Hinges on Flash’s Most Famous Story

It seems as though there are consequences for Flash being the first to travel the Multiverse, as Darkseid has plans for the Fastest Man Alive.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Infinite Frontier #3

In the latest issue of DC’s Infinite Frontier, the entire DC Multiverse has been altered and changed, and Darkseid’s master plan involves The Flash thanks to one of Barry Allen’s most famous stories. While Allen is now a member of Justice Incarnate, helping to map and explore the new multiverse formed in the wake of Death Metalhe’s recently been held captive by the Psycho-Pirate on Darkseid’s orders. Not only that, but it seems as though the Flash will have an integral role with a new crisis on the horizon, due to his status as one of DC’s first multiversal travelers way back in the Silver Age of comics.

In previous issues of Infinite Frontier from Joshua Williamson and Xermanico, Barry Allen managed to vibrate while he ran through all of the worlds in the multiverse, thus allowing him to access the mysterious Earth-Omega. Having no vibration or frequency, the Flash began to explore this world he felt was oddly familiar before discovering that the Quintessence had all been murdered. However, he barely had any time to react before he was attacked by the Psycho-Pirate, the one villain who’s known and remembered the entirety of the DC timeline regardless of the various crises and subsequent reboots to the DC universe. Working for Darkseid, Psycho-Pirate has new powers and has been tasked to use Flash to find someone vital to Darkseid’s plans.

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Now, Infinite Frontier #3 seemingly saw the Flash running with Jay Garrick, looking everything like an adventure from the DC Silver Age. As they ran, Jay told Barry that the Multiverse needed him and that he had to run faster than he ever had before. However, this was revealed to be just an illusion, a physic suggestion implanted in Barry’s mind by the Psycho-Pirate in order to have the Flash power a massive machine on Earth-Omega, most likely in the service of finding whoever it is that Darkseid needs (most likely Roy Harper as the new Black Lantern).


Psycho-Pirate also comments that Barry is in this position because he was the one who started it all by traveling between Earth-1 and Earth-2, a reference to the classic Flash #123 from 1961. That particularly famous issue saw Barry accidentally visiting Earth-2 and meeting Jay Garrick for the first time, thus introducing the entire concept of the multiverse to DC Comics. However, there are repercussions and consequences for Barry’s travels according to Psycho-Pirate, and the Flash’s current predicament is apparently one of them.

The reminder that Barry is the impetus for the Multiverse’s introduction is a pretty significant inclusion to the Infinite Frontier narrative being told. It’s going to be pretty interesting to discover Darkseid’s plan as it unfolds. While all signs point to Roy Harper and his new status as a Black Lantern being the one Darkseid is searching for, it remains unclear why he needs him, let alone the significance of the mysterious Earth-Omega he and Psycho-Pirate are currently residing on. In any case, here’s hoping Justice Incarnate will be able to rally together and save The Flash as Infinite Frontier continues.

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