DC’s New Team Just Took Down a Universe-Destroying Threat

DC’s New Team Just Took Down a Universe-Destroying Threat

DC’s newest super team, the Totality, just took down a threat that once destroyed the DC Universe–and they did it as if it was nothing.

Spoilers for Infinite Frontier #1 ahead!

There is a new team in the DC Universe, the Totatlity, and in one of their first outings, they easily dispatched a villain capable of destroying universes. In the first issue of Infinite Frontier, the Totality leaps into action, making an impressive showing as they utterly demolish the villain Extant.

A team unlike any other in comics, the Totality made their debut in Dark Nights Death Metal #7. Comprised of both heroes and villains, the Totality was formed as a response to the discovery of the Omniverse. Many of Earth’s heroes do not know about the Totality; some heroes would disapprove of villains such as Lex Luthor and Vandal Savage being on the same team with the likes of Mister Terrific. From their satellite headquarters, the Totality protects Earth from cosmic-level threats, all while staying shrouded in secrecy. In Infinite Frontier #1, from Joshua Williamson and Xermanico, readers see the Totality in action, as they make short work of a villain who once destroyed the universe. In 1994’s Zero Hour event, Extant (who was once Hawk, of Hawk and Dove) assisted Parallax in creating a “crisis in time,” which saw the then-current DC universe destroyed and replaced with a new, unified timeline. Extant, as an agent of the Lords of Chaos, possessed the power to manipulate time and space, making him an almost god-level threat.

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Extant is far less impressive here; he is still equipped with the Worlogog, the device he used to manipulate time in Zero Hour and is prepared to use it here. Before he can even start, the Totality pounces on him. Green Lantern Alan Scott nails Extant with a light-construct of a train, and once the villain falls to the ground, Vandal Savage stands triumphant over him.

The scene lasts only two pages, and Extant is not seen again in the issue; in short, the Totality treated a god-like villain almost as an afterthought. Extant once inspired fear in the hearts of the heroes of the DC Universe, but here he might as well been a member of the Royal Flush Gang. It not only shows how powerful the Totality are but also a slight dig at Zero Hour, an event synonymous with the excess of the 90s. Will Extant return in the future? And how much longer can the Totality continue to work in secret, especially given the scope they are playing on?

The Totality is breaking new ground in the DC Universe, a one-of-a-kind team where heroes fight alongside villains, and they proved their worth by taking out a threat capable of destroying the universe.

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