Death Stranding Director’s Cut Teases New Missions, Weapons, & Features

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Teases New Missions, Weapons, & Features

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will release this September on PS5 and overhaul the game visually, add new combat mechanics, story missions, and more.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is finally releasing this September, but it won’t be a simple port with some better graphics and a few new missions; it’s giving the game quite the overhaul. The latest trailer revealed at the new PlayStation State of Play seems to indicate that Hideo Kojima listened to some critiques of the original release and addressed them in Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

Kojima released an MGS-style teaser for Death Stranding Director’s Cut back in June, confirming that the game would be coming to the PlayStation 5 with all-new content. Given Kojima’s knack for utilizing technology in incredibly creative ways, fans were hoping he’d give Death Stranding the PS5 treatment, and, as revealed during today’s State of Play, it looks like he’s delivering in a big way.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will feature a ton of new content, such as new story missions, race tracks, enhanced combat mechanics, and many other things that will likely make the game play far better than it did originally. Although it’s not totally clear how extensive the new story content is, it seems as if the game is going to a lot of extremes to possibly appease both fans of the original and those that were turned off by the gameplay and never finished it. There had been hints that Death Stranding Director’s Cut would add new takedowns, but it wasn’t obvious that it was part of a larger revamp of the combat. The new trailer also confirmed the game will release on September 24, 2021 for PS5.

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