Death’s Door Looks Like Zelda Meets Hollow Knight In New Gameplay Trailer

Death’s Door Looks Like Zelda Meets Hollow Knight In New Gameplay Trailer

A new Death’s Door gameplay trailer has given another glimpse into the upcoming game, which looks like a blend of Legend of Zelda and Hollow Knight.

Upcoming action-adventure game Death’s Door has gotten a new trailer ahead of its upcoming release. The gameplay video reveals a closer look at Death’s Door in action, showing off exciting combat and stunning visuals reminiscent of hits like Hollow Knight and The Legend of Zelda franchise. Coming later this month, Death’s Door seems to be shaping up as an intriguing title for indie game fans.

Death’s Door is a combat-focused indie RPG that will turn the player into a Crow whose day job involves reaping the souls of the dead. When an assigned soul is stolen, the player must find the culprit in “a realm untouched by death – where creatures grow far past their expiry.” The game’s dark themes are offset by its whimsical designs, with characters looking like they’ve jumped straight from a fairytale. From developer Acid Nerve and publisher Devolver Digital, Death’s Door‘s isometric view and combat is likely to appeal to Hades fans, while the story itself seems steeped in fantasy and mystery.

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Publisher Devolver Digital has released a second gameplay trailer for Death’s Door which highlights more of the puzzles and battle mechanics players will soon be experiencing. The video showcases everything from laser beams to floor puzzles, with an additional focus on the title’s frenetic and colorful combat sequences. The trailer also gives a look at The Soul Vault, where players can upgrade their Reaper’s abilities and skills. A forest area, complete with a mythical being named Forest Mother, wouldn’t look out of place in a fantasy game like The Legend of Zelda, but Death’s Door‘s overall creepy-but-cute aesthetic can also be compared to Hollow Knight.

Watch Death’s Door – Gameplay Trailer 2 here.

Death’s Door promises to deliver challenging yet rewarding combat, like Dark Souls. Players will use various melee weapons, as well as arrows and magic, to take on any foes standing in the Reaper’s way, whether they be beasts, tyrants, or even demigods. According to the Steam description, mistakes will be punished while victories will be rewarded, meaning skill and dexterity will be important. Customizable character stats and different abilities and upgrades will allow for strategic gameplay when battling with evil forces, making for what will hopefully be a robust gameplay experience.

As well as showing off gameplay, the trailer teases some of the fantastical cast players will meet along their journey. Characters include The Frog King, Steadhone the Gravedigger, and Barb the Bard. Death’s Door’s colorful cast add to the dark fairytale aesthetic, which might be reminiscent of games like the upcoming Fable 4. That being said, the true depths of its story are yet to be uncovered. Gamers looking to delve into the comedic-yet-dark action-adventure won’t have too long to wait, as the game will launch on July 20. Those looking to pick up the game can enjoy a pre-release discount across Xbox, Steam, and GOG, which will be available until its release day.

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Death’s Door releases for Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and PC on July 20.

Source: Devolver Digital/YouTube, Steam

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