Destiny 2 Will Overhaul Trials Of Osiris, Continue To Add New PvP Maps

Destiny 2 Will Overhaul Trials Of Osiris, Continue To Add New PvP Maps

Assistant Game Director Joe Blackburn posted on Twitter that new maps and modes will be added to the game, and that Trials of Osiris will be revamped.

Assistant Game Director Joe Blackburn has more rebalances planned for Destiny 2, plus new maps and game modes coming in the future. Blackburn’s team is also revamping the Trials of Osiris game mode, with more information to come at the “Destiny 2 Showcase” in late August. Fans have expressed frustration with cheaters playing the popular mode, and Bungie had to disable Trials of Osiris for several weeks.

Trials of Osiris, introduced in the first Destiny game, pits teams of players against one another in an elimination-style match where the last team standing wins. Winning 9 matches back-to-back rewards players with high-performance, rare weapons, and armor, and the mode has become coveted for those rare items. However, some players took advantage of an oversight in Trials of Osiris allowing them to coordinate with the opposing team and throw matches. It meant teams could gain access to rare rewards without earning them the hard way. Bungie has also faced fan criticism for not adding a new Crucible map in well over a year.

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Blackburn has posted a Twitter thread promising to address these concerns for future seasons. In the thread, he emphasized consistency as the major goal of his studio. For his team to provide truly great Player-versus-Player content, he said it will take some time before players start seeing this new content. His first order of business involves an overhauled version of Trials of Osiris set for the next season. Fans can hear more about the rework during the “Destiny 2 Showcase,” alongside details of Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion. The team will also port two Vaulted maps from the original Destiny in Season 16, and Season 17 will provide a brand new map. Finally, Blackburn said, players will see another remastered map from Destiny 1 added during Season 18. His announcements also include the addition of new game modes set to arrive in 2022, though the team is not ready to share further details at this time.

The number of announcements suggests Blackburn and his team are listening to the concerns of fans who want updates to Destiny PvP modes and new content to keep them busy. Blackburn reported searching for gameplay designers, artists, and other employees to hire to help his team improve their PvP output. They will begin examining how they can rework the broader PvP system following the Trials of Osiris rework in Season 15. Until the Showcase on the 24th, players still have time to complete their challenges in Destiny 2’s  Season of Splicer, which ends on the same day.

Bungie previously announced crossplay for Destiny 2, fulfilling the wishes of fans who have long wanted it. The team promises to make it a permanent feature with the arrival of Season 15. Between crossplay, The Witch Queen expansion showcase, and the promise of new maps and game mods, fans of the sci-fi shooter should have plenty to look forward to in the future.

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Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Stadia.

Source: Joe Blackburn/Twitter

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