Detroit Lions rejects serious trade offer for Penei Sewell’s project

Detroit Lions rejects serious trade offer for Penei Sewell’s project

After the first day of the 2021 NFL Draft, Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes admitted to being active on phones both before and while on watch, finishing in seventh overall pick.

They, he admitted, talked about a possible trade to pick up the player they would eventually capture – the Oregon offensive shell Penei Sewell – and talked about a potential down trade.

“I would say that the phone rang from several parties to our liking, but we were so happy with Penny that we weren’t interested enough in taking the risk of not landing him,” Holmes said on the draft night.

While we don’t have details on these proposals, Holmes gave a few more comments to Albert Brer of MMQB that paint an interesting picture. According to Breer, the Lions have a serious trade offer, and according to Holmes, they may still have a chance to land their boyfriend.

“We could have made a move and might still have been able to land Sewell,” Holmes told Bree.

There are only a couple of potential candidates left to bid down: the Broncos – nine, the Cowboys – 10 (which eventually trade down), or maybe even just dropped one position to eight with the Panthers. A little further in the draft, and the Lions probably couldn’t have drafted Sewell.

That being said, according to Breer’s sources, any decline in the deal would likely mean that the Lions would have missed Sewell forever.

Breer said of Holmes that he was right not to exchange the pick. Because the downward movement would likely lead to the Panthers taking over Sewell and the Lions losing him altogether.

In the end, the Lions were too overjoyed with Sewell. If it wasn’t clear from their spike in the war room, Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell gave Breer some startling quotes.

In the end, Leos just didn’t want to risk losing their boyfriend. Sewell’s assessment was so definitive and so widely accepted by everyone in their front office that it was impossible to refuse.

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