Donation split between food bank and Jubilee street party

A generous gift of funds was split between a food bank and a Jubilee street party in Pinner, north-west London.

Kara Heward, one of the organisers, said a resident had donated the fee from some filming in their house to the community.

About 120 residents from the Chase got together to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum jubilee.

They enjoyed food, drink and games including a wheelbarrow race.

Organiser Kara Heward said half the money had been donated to a local food bank
Ms Heward said celebrating the jubilee held a personal significance for her due to the symbolism of the royal family.

She said: “For me, the Queen means a hell of a lot because my grandma escaped from Germany in the war, so for her the Queen was a symbol of freedom.

“She was always absolutely obsessed with the Queen and the royal family.

“That’s been passed down to me and I think the Queen is a symbol of Britain and a symbol of how great we are.”

Manan and Darshan Shah
Image caption,
“Proper wholesome” was the verdict of Manan and Darshan Shah
Winners of the wheelbarrow race, Manan and Darshan Shah, said the street party had been “wonderful”.

“It’s been proper wholesome,” said Manan. “It’s quite remarkable how long the Queen has been going, fulfilling this duty for 70 years — it’s amazing.”

“We love the Queen,” added Darshan. “Long live the Queen.”

Louisa Hinds was pleased the community could get together again after Covid 19
Louisa Hinds said she was delighted to be able to celebrate with her neighbours because “we’re such a lovely community here” and she was enjoying everybody being able to “get together again” after the pandemic.

“The children have made such good friends… They’ve had an egg and spoon race and then later we’ll all have a nice dance.”

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