Dr Disrespect Discusses Why Apex Legends Shields Are Such An Issue

Dr Disrespect Discusses Why Apex Legends Shields Are Such An Issue

Dr Disrespect has once again set off the Apex Legends fans with a recent outburst venting his frustrations with the prevalence of shields in the game.

Popular YouTube streamer Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm recently spoke more in-depth about why the prevalence of shields in Apex Legends affects the game negatively. Dr Disrespect has had a rocky relationship with Respawn Entertainment’s 2019 battle royale title and has often made headlines criticizing the game.

A former Call of Duty developer turned streamer, Beahm first rose to fame playing battle royales like H1Z1 and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, aided by his eccentric Dr Disrespect persona, which sees him wearing a mustache, black mullet, sunglasses, and a red tactical vest. While he first made his name on Twitch, Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from the platform in June 2020, with no concrete reason revealed behind the exile to this day. As a result, Beahm now streams on YouTube and is prohibited from appearing on Twitch streamers’ broadcasts.

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Dr Disrespect shared a clip on his Twitter, venting his frustrations after his squad was eliminated during a recent Apex Legends stream. Groaning as he exited the match, the YouTuber let loose, stating “This is why I don’t like this game. I hate this game! It’s boring!” Doc elaborated that the reasoning behind his displeasure was due to the prevalence of shields in the battle royale, “shooting shields? I don’t like it! A full spray, and the f***ing clip is never enough to knock a guy!” He went on to suggest that the high time to kill for players due to shields was also the reason why Apex Legends is not as successful in esports, “That’s why it didn’t do good in esports, no one wants to watch it! At the end, everyone is just camping out with bubble shields on, camping doors like this: opening and closing, opening and f***ing closing!

The streamer has previously taken breaks from Apex Legends before, stating that he would be uninstalling the game, vowing not to return, a joke he has made with many games in the past. While Beahm eventually found his way back to Respawn’s battle royale, his frustrations with Apex‘s gameplay remain the same, and he has stated that he finds himself reading emails on another monitor during Apex streams to keep himself from falling asleep due to boredom. The YouTuber has revealed in the past that his preference in the battle royale genre lies with Activision’s Call of Duty: Warzone, which features much more fast-paced gameplay and a lower time to kill in comparison to Apex Legends.

Although the Doc continues to give the battle royale another chance, it’s clear that the higher time to kill in Apex Legends does not match his preferred play style. It is difficult to compare Respawn’s title to the YouTuber’s preference of the higher-paced Warzone, as the two games have very different mechanics at their core. It’s uncertain whether Dr Disrespect will continue to play the title in the future despite his continued criticisms, however, the upcoming release of Season 10 in Apex Legends will surely see a shakeup in its gameplay with the inclusion of a brand new Legend.

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Apex Legends is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and will launch on iOS and Android in 2022.

Source: Dr Disrespect/Twitter

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