Eldest Souls: Everything That Carries Over in New Game Plus

Eldest Souls: Everything That Carries Over in New Game Plus

During the course of Eldest Souls players will obtain many unique items and skills. This guide shows players what carries over into New Game Plus.

The heavily Dark Souls-inspired Eldest Souls, is by no means an easy game to complete, but those who can get through the challenge will be rewarded with a new game plus. Players will need to go up against a large number of difficult bosses on their journey to the end of the game, and each one has its own unique powers and moves that can end a player’s life pretty easily. It is very important that players know exactly how to combat each of these foes if they hope to survive.

One great way that the game helps the player, is by letting them collect special items and skills that will give them an edge over these bosses. If used properly, players will finally be able to make their way through to the end, and defeat the final boss. This allows them to start up a New Game Plus, as well as some other post-game goodies.

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Eldest Souls: What Carries Over to New Game Plus

A player defeats Eksyll - Princeps, the final boss in Eldest Souls

Once players make it to the end of Eldest Souls and defeat the game’s final boss, they will unlock the ability to start up a New Game Plus immediately. This makes for a completely new challenge for the player as they will take an additional 15% damage and heal for 10% less in this mode. All of the bosses will also gain a health boost of 220%. This means that players will need to fight much harder if they want to make it through for a second time. The upside is that the player will begin the new mode with access to all of their Eldest Souls skills and skill points right from the start, and they will also have access to any shards that they have already acquired. This means that the player can further fill out their skill tree, and earn duplicates of their current shards to level them up as well.

The player should also keep in mind that they will lose access to any special items or vessels that they previously obtained by completing side missions or quests for NPCs. This means that the player won’t have any of the buffs or special attributes that these items granted them before, and these quests will need to be done again if they want to use them in this playthrough.

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Eldest Souls can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X

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