Even Stephen King Wants To Save Manifest From Cancellation

Even Stephen King Wants To Save Manifest From Cancellation

The legendary master of horror, Stephen King, added his voice to the campaign to save Manifest, with a tweet containing the hashtag #savemanifest.

The legendary master of horror, Stephen King, has added his voice to the campaign to save Manifest, with a tweet containing the hashtag #savemanifest. The TV show, which ran for three seasons until it was canceled by NBC a few months ago, has legions of fans worldwide who are doing all they can to get the series brought back. Manifest was packed with mysteries and questions throughout its run and ended on a two-parter containing several twists and unexpected death.

Manifest did moderately well on terrestrial TV but gained significant momentum when it launched on streaming services worldwide. The show is currently ranked #10 on Netflix’s Top 10 but held the #1 position for almost a month, falling short of becoming the most popular series ever streamed on the service by just two days. Manifest‘s creator, Jeff Rake, is talking up the possibility of a two-hour movie to draw the story to a close.

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Stephen King’s tweet contained just the hashtag #savemanifest, nothing else. Still, it went out to his 6.5 million followers, boosting the fight to bring Manifest back for more series or a movie to wrap up all the loose ends and give fans answers as to what happened to the passengers of Flight 828 during its five-and-a-half-year disappearance. The author has made known his enthusiasm for various movies and TV shows on social media before. Only recently, actor and filmmaker John Krasinski responded to King’s praise of A Quiet Place.

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Jeff Rake originally planned a six-season story arc for Manifest until NBC pulled the plug in June after three years. The hashtag #savemanifest has since taken off on Twitter, with more than 40,000 tweets containing it recorded in a single day. Fan campaigns had saved franchises before, with network executives changing their minds or other networks picking them up for distribution, as happened when Fox canceled Lucifer, and it was picked up by Netflix. With major revelations brought into the story at the end of season 3, the cancellation of Manifest left many open questions fans want to be answered.

Even though Stephen King made no mention of when he began watching Manifest or why he believes it should be saved, it’s no surprise his tweet garnered many likes and retweets. Support from an internationally renowned author with a considerable following will have helped raise the profile of the campaign to bring the show back. Not all of King’s 6.5 million followers will have even heard of Manifest before he brought the series to their attention, which means many will have sought it out to watch on what they took to be his recommendation alone.

Fans initially pinned their hopes on the idea that a streaming service might come to the rescue if NBC wouldn’t budge, but Netflix has canceled many of its shows of late. Still, the campaign to save Manifest continues to gain momentum. Whether it is successful remains to be seen, but fans are determined to fight on to find out what happened to the passengers of Flight 828.

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