Every Character Confirmed For Dragon Ball Super’s Super Hero Movie

Every Character Confirmed For Dragon Ball Super’s Super Hero Movie

A handful of characters are confirmed to return for Goku’s CG-animated adventure. Here’s everyone known to appear in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

A handful of characters are known to be appearing in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Confirmed for a 2022 release date, the highly-anticipated sequel to Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be Goku and the Z-Warriors’ second on-screen adventure after the Tournament of Power.

Not long after Goku and his friends prevented the destruction of their entire universe by propelling Android 17 to victory in the Tournament of Power, the characters had to contend with the Legendary Super Saiyan in Broly, which was the first movie to feature the “Dragon Ball Super” brand. The second is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which will take the story a few years into the future, presumably after the events of the manga continuation. It remains to be seen who they’ll be facing off against this time around. The precedent set by Broly means that theoretically, it could be another villain from the non-canon Dragon Ball Z movies made between 1989 and 1995. If so, Goku could be headed for his first-ever in-continuity Dragon Ball villain encounter with Turles, Cooler, Bojack, Janemba, or even Lord Slug.

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In Broly, Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza were the only main characters to take part in the fighting. However, it looks like Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation won’t be taking the same approach to the action in the second movie. Based on what’s been shown off so far, audiences may be treated to the presence of key characters missing from Broly. Here’s every Dragon Ball character confirmed to have a role in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.


Goku From Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Teaser

At SDCC 2021, Toei Animation released a brief teaser trailer previewing Goku in his traditional orange gi with a CG-animated makeover. He was only shown in his base form, but there’s little doubt that Goku will be forced to rely on some of his other transformations in the movie no matter who Super Hero‘s villain is. When fighting Broly, Goku’s best weapon was Super Saiyan Blue, but since so much time has passed, Goku should be able to access Ultra Instinct at will by this point. The state he used to even the odds against Universe 11’s Jiren was denied to him during the fight with Broly, but it should be on the table for his next battle. Broly took place so close to the Tournament of Power that Goku didn’t have enough time to master it, but the time skip between the two movies should give him plenty of time to access its full power when needed (just as he can in the manga). With Goku using the complete Ultra Instinct state, it would take a villain stronger than Jiren (and Broly) to pose a sufficient challenge to Goku.


Born between the Battle of Gods and Golden Frieza Sagas in Dragon Ball Super, Pan is the only child of Gohan and Videl. She’s significantly different from Dragon Ball GT’s Pan, considering that she’s only an infant in the newer anime series. That being said, she’s already obtained the ability to fly, which is a power that Goku, Gohan, and the others didn’t have until they were older. That aspect of her character and the fact that she’s the only quarter-Saiyan make her a bit of an enigma in the franchise. It’s hard to say what she’s capable of at this juncture. As noted above, Dragon Ball GT isn’t in canon anymore, so that series doesn’t necessarily indicate what her power level will be in the new movie.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has an opportunity to shed more light on her capabilities. At SDCC 2021, concept art of Pan revealed the character in a kindergarten uniform. It was actually her design that made it apparent that a time jump is coming in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Since Pan was still an infant when the Tournament of Power was playing out, three or four years should have gone by. At 5 or 6 years of age, Pan will be about as old as her father was during the Saiyan Saga. It’s not clear yet if she’ll be more or less powerful than he was at that time.

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Artwork for Super Hero has revealed that the movie will revisit Krillin’s new life as a cop. It was explained in Dragon Ball Super that in the midst of his retirement from fighting, Goku’s best friend is working as a police officer. Due to spending so much of his time protecting the streets from average criminals rather than battling bigger threats, Krillin, unfortunately, lost a lot of the progress he made in Dragon Ball Z, forcing him to train hard to regain his skills ahead of the Tournament of Power. Krillin only had a few days to get back into fighting shape before the tournament, but assuming he didn’t slack off again, he stands a chance of being much stronger after the time skip.


Piccolo arms in Dragon Ball Super

Super Hero is slightly updating Piccolo’s appearance to make his look more in line with Toriyama’s design for him in Dragon Ball Z. Also, some of the art previewed at SDCC 2021 teased that unlike how Piccolo was underutilized in Broly, the Namekian will indeed get to fight in Super Hero. Some of the images showed him without his white cape and headpiece, which Piccolo only takes off when he’s fighting. Plus, it was said that Super Hero will explore one place that the franchise has never gone before: Piccolo’s house, which is apparently located in a mountain region. The inclusion of the Z-Warrior’s home and his fighting attire suggests that he’s getting a much more substantial role in Super Hero. For a long time now, Piccolo hasn’t been relevant to the anime, with the character being several power levels below Goku and Vegeta. The Tournament of Power took a major first step toward fixing that issue by revealing that Piccolo made massive gains off-screen. If he’s been keeping it up – and chances are that he has – Piccolo could be Super Saiyan Blue level now.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s New Character

A new character will be making his debut in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. A gray-skinned alien with a fin on his head and a “1” on his uniform will be sporting a futuristic gun when he meets the Z-Warriors. A variant image of this alien with a “2” instead of a “1” on his chest is indicative of the movie introducing a pair of nearly identical characters. Judging by their weapons and appearance, they may be associates of Jaco in the Galactic Patrol. It could be that their role is to warn the Z-Warriors of the mystery Dragon Ball Super villain’s arrival.

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