Every Loki Variant In Episode 5 (& Their Nexus Event)

Every Loki Variant In Episode 5 (& Their Nexus Event)

Warning: SPOILERS for Loki episode 5, “Journey into Mystery”

Throughout Loki‘s run thus far, various versions of the God of Mischief have been introduced. Early on, Agent Mobius M. Mobius revealed that that the TVA has pruned Lokis almost more than any other beings. To back up this claim, he conjured up images of Viking Loki, Hulk Loki, and Trickster Loki, among others. Personally, however, the Sacred Timeline Loki had only interacted with a female variant named Sylvie, who had been kidnapped from her timeline by the TVA while she was still young but escaped before she was pruned. Together, they team up in the hopes of taking down the deceitful organization.

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But in Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery,” the trickster god was introduced to few new variants. At the very end of Loki episode 4, after being pruned, he found himself in a dumpster realm described as “a void at the end of time” where the TVA sends branched timelines and pruned variants. He was greeted by the Council of Lokis, but nothing more was learned. In episode 5, he learned their story while also encountering an additional Loki variant. Some of these freshly-debuted variants turned out to be loyal allies, while others, not so much. Regardless, each one was fun to watch. 

Loki L1130

Loki Episode 5 Loki Enchanting

The main Loki in the show is dubbed Loki L1130 by the TVA. Played by Tom Hiddleston, this is the version of the character whose arrest kickstarted the events of the Marvel Studios series. Instead of going through the motions of his capture on the heels of the Battle of New York, the botched Avengers: Endgame time heist gave him the opportunity to escape with the Tesseract. Shortly after landing in the Gobi desert, however, Hunter B-20 and her TVA cell appeared to take him into custody, subsequently resetting the branched timeline that he created. While this Loki hadn’t yet experienced his full MCU arc, he was able to learn about his fate thanks to Mobius, who showed him his complete life timeline. It included some of the most tragic moments in Loki’s life, including his death at the hands of Thanos. 


Loki Episode 5 Sylvie Green

Initially, there was confusion as to who Sophia Di Martino’s female Loki variant really is with the assumption being that she was Lady Loki. However, there was also speculation that she might have been Enchantress based on her first name, Sylvie, penchant for enchanting people, and blonde hair. Eventually, it was revealed that she’s indeed a Loki who’s out to take down the TVA. Sylvie’s exact Nexus event is currently unknown, but as shown in Loki‘s flashbacks, she was arrested by the TVA as a young girl while simply playing with her toys in Asgard. When asked about it, Ravonna Renslayer, who was still a Hunter at that time, claimed she doesn’t remember what Lady Loki’s crime was against the Sacred Timeline. 

Classic Loki

Loki Episode 5 Classic Loki Laughing

Played by Richard E. Grant, Classic Loki is one of the Lokis who rescued the God of Mischief when he woke up after getting pruned by Ravonna Renslayer. According to him, he deviated from his predetermined path when he successfully escaped Thanos’ wrath at the start of his timeline’s Avengers: Infinity War. Instead of trying to kill the Mad Titan Thanos with his dagger, this Loki created a believable projection of himself so real it allowed him to fake his death. Hiding as “inanimate debris,” he decided to stay away after realizing that pain followed everywhere he went. But after years in isolation, Classic Loki missed his brother, Thor, so he stepped out of hiding only for the TVA to immediately catch him.

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Kid Loki

Loki Episode 5 Kid Loki

Jack Veal portrays Kid Loki, who is deemed the king in this unnamed void. Not much is known about this variant since he didn’t share a lot about his own life. Despite how young he is, the other variants respect him, demanding that Loki does, as well. What makes him so impressive is the fact that Kid Loki was able to kill Thor at his young age, although specifics of how he did and if it was an accident were not mentioned. This crime against the God of Thunder was how Kid Loki became a variant that the TVA hunted and eventually pruned. 

Alligator Loki

Alligator Loki in Loki Episode 5

Alligator Loki is arguably the most interesting of the variants. Joining the Council of Lokis that welcomed Loki in the void is the reptile variant. While it doesn’t speak, it communicates by making various sounds. It was Boastful Loki who revealed Alligator Loki’s Nexus event, however: apparently, it ate its wrong neighbor’s cat. Since it is vastly different from other variants, it’s difficult to say what its predetermined destiny was. It’s also worth noting that since it has never spoken in the series, there’s no official confirmation that it is indeed a Loki variant — something that Mobius questioned in the episode. Other than being green and wearing horns, there’s no concrete proof. Still, the other Lokis seem to accept it. 

Boastful Loki

Loki Episode 5 Boastful Loki

The Loki variant played by Deobia Oparei and carrying a makeshift Mjölnir is named Boastful Loki. He was the last member of the group that rescued Loki after he was pruned by Ravonna and sent to the unknown void. It’s uncertain how exactly he deviated from his destiny, but according to him, he somehow vanquished both Captain America and Iron Man in an unknown encounter. Thereafter, he claimed his prize which was the six Infinity Stones. Both Alligator Loki and Classic Loki called his bluff, with Boastful Loki subtly admitting that he was exaggerating his Nexus event. Later in the episode, he betrays the group so he can claim the throne for himself. 

President Loki

Loki Episode 5 President Loki

Prominently featured in Loki‘s marketing is President Loki who is inspired by the 2016 Vote Loki comic book miniseries. This variant is the only one who’s also played by Hiddleston. It’s also uncertain what exactly his Nexus event was as he didn’t have the time to share his story. But, as revealed in the episode, he previously made a deal with Boastful Loki about usurping the Kid Loki variant’s throne, only to then betray Boastful Loki and pull a double-cross. He was joined by several goons, some of which also wore horn-like headpieces that indicated that they, too, might be variants, but they are unlisted in Loki‘s episode credits. 

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