Everything We Know About Jackass Forever, So Far

Everything We Know About Jackass Forever, So Far

The second half of 2021’s theatrical release schedule is filled to the brim with exciting action blockbusters, including No Time To Die, Dune, Eternals, and many others. However, there’s one movie that crept up on audiences and has become one of the most talked-about trailers outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that’s Jackass Forever.

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The fourth Jackass movie comes 11 years after Jackass 3D, so fans have been painstakingly waiting to hear Johnny Knoxville shout, “Hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass!” one more time. Between certain cast members not returning, a roster of brand new pranksters and the promise of an alternate version of the movie, along with some big reveals in the trailer, there are more than enough reasons to be excited about the movie.

9 Bam Margera Won’t Be Returning

Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville side by side in a photoshopped image

Though the skater did work on the movie and performed several stunts, Bam Margera was cut out of the movie. There won’t be a single scene featuring Bam, and he was fired after not adhering to production’s rules. The director of the movie, Jeff Tremaine, who has been an executive producer ever since its days on MTV as a TV series, even got a restraining order against the stunt performer.

The movie might not feel totally the same as its predecessors, as Margera was such a huge contributor when it comes to both taking part in stunts and coming up with ingenious ideas. But it’s not all bad, as Bam is currently trying to crowdfund his own Jackass-like stunt show.

8 There’ll Be New Cast Members

Jackass 4

To make up for a couple of cast members that won’t feature, including Margera and the late, great Ryan Dunn, there’ll be several new stunt performers in Jackass Forever to pad out the roster. Some of the new players include Jasper Dolphin, who is best known for being a member of the rap group Odd Future, Zack Holmes, who has his own stunt show, Too Stupid To Die, and comedian, Rachel Wolfson.

But the biggest casting of them all is Eric Andre, one of the most famous comedians working today. And if The Eric Andre Show is anything to go by, no newcomer is suited better for Jackass than Andre.

7 There Were Stunts Rejected By The Studio

Steve-O in Jackass Forever

Steve-O is arguably the bravest member of the crew. The stunts he has performed, including sitting in a bungee portaloo full of feces and wearing a jellyfish as a hat, have been the most hard-to-watch of the TV series.

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But there’s one that Tremaine thought was unnecessary, even by Steve-O’s standards. As reported by Looper, the director rejected Steve-O’s idea to load a t-shirt cannon full of dog feces and have it blasted into his face. However, for fans who still want to see the stunt, after it was rejected by Tremaine, Steve-O still performed the stunt on the Nelk Boys YouTube channel.

6 It’s Just As Theatrical As Ever

Jackass Forever Trailer

One of the most exciting things about the movie series compared to the TV show is just how the gang makes use out of the feature-length format and the budget that comes with it. Jackass: The Movie had an apocalyptic opening sequence and saw a lot of the movie take place in Japan. Jackass 3D featured an epic musical finale, along with obviously being shot in 3D.

And based on the opening of the trailer, the fourth movie is looking like it’ll top the theatricality of those previous movies. Though it isn’t exactly clear what it is going to entail, the short snippet sees the gang all dressed in military gear, Knoxville has completely white hair and is playing some kind of general, and they’re all standing on a miniature city.

5 The Stunts Are More Outrageous Than Ever

Jackass 4 photos

Both Knoxville and Steve-O were hospitalized on the second day of filming, and as the production of the movie went on for several months, that didn’t keep the two from continuing on the mortifying ride together.

Just as is the case with every Jackass movie, it continues Knoxville’s obsession with bulls and his other favorite pastime of getting fired out of a cannon. But it looks more outrageous than ever, as the movie will show him getting hit by a bull harder than he ever has been before, and flying into the sky after being shot out of a cannon. It remains to be seen how much more Knoxville’s body can take, at this point.

4 There’ll Be Other Guest Appearances

Machine Gun Kelly in Jackass Forever

Though they aren’t part of the main crew, there’ll be many other guest appearances, quite a few of which have featured in the series before. Jackass Forever will feature prolific guests from a range of different backgrounds, including Jasper Dolphin’s pal Tyler The Creator, Machine Gun Kelly, and UFC fighter and reigning champion, Francis Ngannou.

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And as the series is so affiliated with skating, just like they did in every previous movie, Forever will see Tony Hawk and Mat Hoffman tearing up half-pipes once again.

3 It’s Johnny Knoxville’s Last Outrageous Stunt Movie

Jackass 4 photos

While the movie was in production, the announcement was made that it’d be Johnny Knoxville’s last Jackass movie. The stuntman said that he can “only take so many chances before something irreversible happens.” And given that he’s been performing these stunts for more than 20 years, he’s been cheating death for quite some time.

Even though he might not make another Jackass movie, Knoxville fans will undoubtedly still see it in future movies. Knoxville is one of the few Jackass stars that was able to make the leap into narrative-driven movies, and he even led a couple of them.

2 There’ll Be A 4.5

Jackass 4 photos

Making a “.5 version” of the Jackass movies has become something of a tradition. It first started with Jackass 2.5, and there was even a .5 version of Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. The movies generally contain alternate stunts and pranks, but it isn’t just an added deleted scene here and there, as the .5 versions contain dozens of new scenes per movie.

And even though it hasn’t officially been announced, Chris Pontius let it slip in a Cameo video to a fan that they are shooting again and Reddit also seems abuzz with the rumors. So even though Forever will be Knoxville’s last stunt movie, there’ll still be more to come in 4.5.

1 It Will Only Be In Theatres

Johnny Knoxville soars through the sky warning wings on his back in Jackass Forever

In what is actually the biggest surprise out of anything revealed about the upcoming movie, it was announced at the end of the trailer that Jackass Forever will only be released in theatres.

This is ironic, given that so many filmmakers that have directed epic movies for Disney and Warner Bros. are locking horns with the studios because their films are going straight to streaming services, and yet what is essentially a stunt compilation is getting a major release. Nonetheless, fans are sure to be excited to see all the stunts in their full-screen, painful-to-watch glory.

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