Explainer: What about Google, Facebook and Australia?

Explainer: What about Google, Facebook and Australia?

Beijing-For 20 years, the world’s media slammed employment and employment became rich in their work and linked to their reports without sharing.

So, I’m joining Australia and other governments to pay Google, Huetsu Sbook, and other sushi to the big names. It can be nice to drink as you live your life.

Alphabet Inc. Google, which is a one-yen coin, has announced a deal to support publishers in Ostoraria, and Facebook said on Thursday that it had slackened the argument that Australian users would be nice.

So what’s going on in Stralia?

Google is Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp on a bill that pushes Internet businesses to pay news organizations. No further biography has been announced. The Ostrelaria Broadcasting Corporation will no longer interact.

According to finance officer Josh Frydenberg, Google accounts for% of Australia’s online advertising revenue. Occupy,. Occupy.

Google makes a fresh panel to make a decision on the price of soot, soot tiger soot, soot, encore, and soot.

On Thursday, Facebook did so by blocking access and sharing of user ga Australia’s Ninnies.

Facebook said the soot was losing the first fruit of its relationship with the Soot Company, which used its service to scoop Nimous trowel tents. From then on, even though Frydenberg said this week that Google and FamilyMart wanted to get their art.

What is happening in other countries?

Australia’s mosaics are ridiculous, but other governments are also on Google, Facebook, and other Yenternet years, media and other Pressure to pay for the publisher’s money.

In Europe, the bureau of the year gave the command that such a deal defined in the sovereignty of the Rozhou Union in 2019, and then no la. After that, it’s a Lamba

France has the right to do this, and this decision makes Google, Google, the Huisbook, and other similar claims.

A group of Google and French publishers have announced the framework conditions for American companies to break the sooting of licenses with various publishers. The company has a healing effect on the newspaper Le Monde and the weekly magazine l’Obs.

Last year, Facebook announced that US Nis such as Wall Strolly Toji, Naru, Washin Ton Post, and USA Tokuday will pay headlines.

In Spay, Google sneaked a website that wasn’t there after the 2014 sickness-friendly company was pushed to pay.

What is it?

Things in Totora Leah and Europe show that the punishing varieties between the multi-billion dollar real Intsu-net age and the players have changed.

Australia responds to complaints that Internet-year-olds have no complaints about nice reports, miscellaneous other content-related advertisements or other meetings that are displayed on their website or shared by users. doing.

The government acted after the Competitive Shrine tried to cross a voluntary payment plan with Google and failed. I saw a horse. I saw a horse. Roval Internet Farnet Farnetone, a panel of grabbing decisions about the power of the Nice Report.

What do you say to the dwarf people?

Google’s contract poses a new source for the Nice Team, but from there it’s readers, viewers, listeners, listeners, and more and more angry eaves.

Australian journalist Yuha, let’s say the online fruit is good for Nice’s collection.

The fur of the media, entertainment, and arts alliances, Yuma Kassustrom, said that the money from these transactions wasn’t in the office, but in the office, but in the office, it wasn’t in the office, it was in the office, it was in the office, it was in the office, it was in the office, and it was in the office.

During that time, access sometimes disappeared. Good for Facebook on Thursday, Ostrella Aa government. Is a commercial communication maku is a pepe

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