FBoy Island: Nakia Renee’s Age, Job, Instagram & More Personal Facts

FBoy Island: Nakia Renee’s Age, Job, Instagram & More Personal Facts

FBoy Island’s Nakia is more than meets the eye. She’s looking to build her career and fall in love, but what is Nakia’s life like in the real world?

Nakia Renee of FBoy Island is sniffing out fboys and taking names. The reality star says she has definitely fallen victim to the sneaky ways of fboys in the past. So, how exactly does Nakia plan on surviving a show that puts her skills to the test?

FBoy Island follows three single women as they navigate the complicated waters of dating both fboys and nice guys. Among the cast of 24 men, 12 consider themselves to be nice guys, while the other half are self-declared fboys. The women then eliminate the men week after week, trying to separate the authentic guys from the ones who are are only interested in the prize money.

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FBoy Island is available to stream on HBO Max every Thursday. Three episodes will drop at midnight until August 12. Fans are curious about the drama that will ensue. The first three episodes did state the rules, but they also added a number of twists, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. But before the next batch of episodes air, it’s time to get to know Nakia.


Nakia was born on September 19, 1993, making her 28 years old.

Hometown & Job

Nakia is based in Los Angeles, CA where she’s working to break into the pop music industry. Nakia launched her first single in October 2020. “Just Like Me” is her single pop song, with Afropop, R&B, and soul influences. The music video was posted on YouTube, where it sits at 60,000 views. Fans surely aren’t too surprised, as Nakia is not the only cast member to have a music career. In addition to this, Nakia has also been in the music industry as a stylist and makeup artist. She shows off many of her looks and hairstyles on both her YouTube and Instagram.


More can be discovered through Nakia’s Instagram, where she has over 16K followers. Nakia also used her IG to post about FBoy Island before its premiere. She posed in front of a billboard of the show, captioning the photo, “This is by far the most unexpected blessing. I used to have visions of being on a billboard but I never thought it would actually happen.” Nakia shows off her passion for dance in other posts. If one thing can be said about her personal pursuits, this beauty definitely has no shortage of talents.

Hopeless Romantic


FBoy Island premiered on July 29 with three episodes. On the show, Nakia disclosed her history with fboys. She believes it’s her past that will help her sort through her future. In the first three episodes, Nakia has already managed to turn her fair share of heads and has many suitors vying for her attention. Nakia does peg herself as a hopeless romantic and is on the show for the “right reasons.” She’s hoping to find love and someone with whom she can build a life. Surely, fans of Nakia hope the same for her as well.

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Source: Nakia Renee/YouTube, Nakia Renee/Instagram

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