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First Doses Of Covid-19 Vaccine In Los Angeles Critically Low Again This Week

The good news this week in Los Angeles is that the city’s largest Covid-19 vaccination site will reopen at Dodger Stadium. The bad news is that for the second week in a row, the city has virtually no need to deliver a first dose of vaccine.

Last week we only received 16,000 new doses. That’s about the number of new doses we give every day, Mayor Eric Garcetti said. That is 90,000 fewer than the previous week. That is unacceptable.

That is bad news for the growing group of people who are eligible for vaccination.

Given the low level of overall supplies, approximately 4,600 first doses will be available during the week at the city’s newest location, Pierce College, and in mobile vaccination clinics serving our most vulnerable communities.

The city was receiving an average of 13,051 doses per day before the recent shortage.

Los Angeles County will also limit most of its Covid-19 vaccines available this week to provide second doses to those who are ready to receive them, with large-scale, county-run sites that only deliver second doses, health officials announced Friday.

Next week, most of the appointments on our vaccination sites will be for second doses, said Dr. Paul Simon, scientific director of the district department of public health. We will only dispense second doses at our Mega-POD (point of dispensing) locations.

That is after we gave second injections last week, making it two weeks in a row that the province had to repeat first-dose appointments due to problems delivery of vaccines.

We are all frustrated. We know we could do a lot more if we got more doses, Simon said Friday. For example,  we now receive about 200,000 doses per week and as we have surveyed all our suppliers, we are confident we can deliver up to 600,000 doses per week. Good capacity if we can get the vaccine available.

L.A. County, which operates its own broader network of vaccination sites, said Friday that it would not offer vaccines for the first time for the second week in a row.

Local leaders continue to advocate for an increased supply of COVID-19 vaccines for the city and county of Los Angeles. However, until more shipments arrive, initial doses will be severely limited.

Infrastructure and determination to vaccinate Angelenos quickly and safely. We just need more doses, said Mayor Garcetti.

Our demographics have made our region an epicenter of this crisis in recent months, and with a reliable and consistent supply of vaccines, we can get more injections into people’s arms, reduce infections, hospitalizations and deaths. Defeat this pandemic once and for all.

Given the low level of total supply, approximately 4,600 first doses will be available during the week at the city’s newest location, Pierce College, and mobile vaccination clinics that serve our most vulnerable communities.

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