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Former Atlanta officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks, was wrongly terminated, board says

The Atlanta Civil Service Board has ruled that Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolf, who is charged with fatally shooting Reisard Brooks in the Wendy’s parking lot, was wrongfully fired.

We are extremely pleased that the Civil Board has stated that Garrett Rolf’s attorney, Lance Lorusso, told CNN in a statement that due to procedural reasons. He added that Rolf’s restoration would probably take some time, but his goal was to get his client back on track.

The Atlanta Police Department said in a statement: “It is important to note that the CSB was unable to make a decision on whether Officer Rolf violated Atlanta Police Department policy. In light of CSB regulations, APD conduct an evaluation to determine if further investigative action is required.

The Brooks family’s attorney, L. Chris Stewart, said the decision reflected a procedural error that had no effect on whether the shooting was fair.

We believe that our elected officials and the former prime minister were not aware of the proper procedure for firing, he said. So now the question is, “Was this done to temporarily appease troublemakers and disturbed people around the world?”

Stuart said members of the Brooks family are frustrated and confused by the board’s decision, especially since a criminal case has been filed against the officer in court.

It seems like Rayard Brooks’ life doesn’t really matter, Stuart said.

The Atlanta Civil Service Board, in an order signed Wednesday, cited some problems as reasons for its decision to dismiss Rolf’s violation of the city’s own code.

According to the board’s decision, a senior Atlanta police officer testified in late April that the firing had been rushed and that there was not enough time to respond to the appeal (Rolf).

The same senior official said that Rolfe was told not to stay within city limits for his own protection due to public concern, essentially preventing him from responding to city activities.

An officer in charge of the internal affairs defense unit, Ralph, may have been hastily fired due to a press conference held by Sgt.

William Dean testified.

Loarusso said the audience pulled out a wealth of information that the public had never heard before.

Lorusso said he and Rolf would work in human resources as part of the recovery process.

It will take some time, Loroso said of Rolf’s return to work. I think it will be soon.

The fired officer faces fatal murder charges in the Brooks shooting last June.

There have been five notable assaults against Rolfe, four counts of breach of oath of office and one criminal charge of property damage.

Rolfe’s lawyers said the former cop was acting out of legal justice and self-defense when he shot and killed Brooks, 227, who fought with police and took Officer Devin Brosnan’s taser gun during the argument.

Called the most valuable piece of evidence in the defense case, video of the June 12 incident showed Brooks pointing the teaser behind him as Rolf fired a fatal shot.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard alleged that Rolf kicked Brooks after the shooting and that Brosnan stepped on him. One of Rolf’s attorneys kicked his client and denied Brooks.

Brosnan was charged with aggravated battery and released on bail.

Rolfe’s bail was set at 500,500,000 and he was eventually released from the Juventus County Jail.

Judge Jane C. Barwick said there was no danger or risk from aircraft to the Rolf community.

Brooks’s death sparked protests in Atlanta two weeks after George Floyd’s death while he was in Minneapolis police custody last May, and the city’s police chief resigned less than a day after the shooting.

Several Atlanta officers were unemployed the day after the two officers were arrested.

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