Former BBC news director resigns from gallery board amid Diana interview fallout

Former BBC news director resigns from gallery board amid Diana interview fallout

London-BBC News and current CEO Tony Hall resigned as chairman of the gallery’s board on Saturday during an explosive public broadcast interview with Princess Diana. From England.

Hall, which was subsequently ranked number one on the BBC, was strongly criticized in this week’s report for not investigating how journalist Martin Bashir won a very successful interview.

Hall said in his statement that his continued presence in the gallery would be “a distraction to institutions of which I am deeply interested.”

“As I said two days ago, I’m very sorry for what happened 25 years ago. I think leadership means taking responsibility,” Hall said.

A 126-page report by former judge John Dyson, released Thursday, masked Bashir’s “deceptive behavior,” which was little known as a journalist when a BBC internal investigation interviewed Diana. It is clear that there is. I made it clear.

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The BBC is also faced with questions about why Bashir was rehired as a religious correspondent at the station in 2016.

Diana’s sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, have been directly criticizing the BBC since the 1995 interview, between the time the report was published and the death of their mother in a car accident two years later. Claim.

The BBC commissioned the report after Diana’s brother Charles Spencer complained that Bashir used false documents and other fraudulent tactics to persuade Diana to allow the interview.

In an interview, Diana said her marriage to Prince Charles failed because she was still in love with her ex-girlfriend, Camilla Parker Bowles, who would marry her ten years later.

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She said she was devastated when Diana, then 34, learned that Charles had renewed her relationship with Camilla in 1986, five years after her marriage. .. .. Diana said she was so depressed that she desperately tried to help her and intentionally hurt her.

“It was a bit crowded because there were three people in this marriage,” she commented.

The UK government says it will consider rules governing the supervision of independent national broadcasters for editing, but the differences in the reports raise serious questions about the integrity of the BBC.

Founded in 1922, the BBC is funded by a license fee paid by everyone. The rules governing its operation are established by patent certificates that require companies to act fairly, act for the public good, be open, transparent and responsible. An interim review of the BBC’s governance will begin next year.

Hall was the CEO of the BBC from 2013 to 2020.

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