Fortnite Chapter 3 Map Change, Ariana Grande Concert, DC Crossovers Leak

Fortnite Chapter 3 Map Change, Ariana Grande Concert, DC Crossovers Leak

A Fortnite leaker claims a Chapter 3 map change is inbound, along with an Ariana Grande concert and an epic DC crossover with the Suicide Squad.


Big things are coming to Fortnite according to a new leak, including a complete map redesign in Chapter 3, an Ariana Grande concert, and more Fortnite DC crossovers that could bring popular Suicide Squad members to the game alongside the new movie. A known Fortnite leaker has spilled the beans on a lot of juicy info, giving the fans some hope for upcoming updates. The leaker has been right before with startling specificity, greatly bolstering their credibility. If true, then Fortnite players are in for a wild ride, as huge updates are apparently on the way.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 has been in full swing for a while, with aliens taking over the island and slowly terraforming areas into environments suitable for alien life. Developer Epic Games have introduced the biggest threat to the battle royale, which has attracted the likes of Superman and Rick Sanchez in order to stop it. While the crossover chaos that is Fortnite Season 7 has received a lot of buzz for its fun additions to the game,  players are always looking to the future. Right now, they’re wondering what the next stages of Fortnite are going to look like.

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According to r/FortniteLeaks moderator SmugMrMime on Fortnite, a trustworthy leaker has claimed to bring news detailing what’s coming next in Fortnite‘s near future. The leaker states that an Ariana Grande concert is “coming soon.” Supposedly, a test launch of the concert has already been run by Epic Games, which could mean Ariana Grande will make a Travis Scott-like Fortnite appearance as soon as they claim. The leaker also said that more DC character skins from the Justice League and Suicide Squad will be added to the game, but wasn’t able to confirm which characters would make their debut due to alleged legal details still being hashed out behind the scenes.

The Fortnite leaker also says that The Cube will return at the end of Season 7, which will be controlled by an “unknown Queen character” that will play a bigger role in Chapter 3. Finally, the last and biggest claim of all is that Fortnite‘s map will be completely scrapped at the end of Chapter 2 and replaced again at the start of Chapter 3, during which time the location of The Seven will allegedly be revealed.

It’s worth noting these Fortnite leaks have not been confirmed by Epic or corroborated elsewhere yet. However, the leaker has been known to give out insider information with specificity, having previously leaked the theme and content of Chapter 2, Season 7. If the leak is true, map changes in Chapter 3 will mean that even avid battle royale players will have to once again readjust their strategies.

Ariana Grande in Fortnite would be a major victory for both the battle royale and the singer, as virtual concerts have proven extremely successful in an era of COVID-19 health restrictions. If reports of her in-game concert are true, players will likely flock to the island to catch a glimpse at a virtual Ariana Grande. A DC crossover at this point also just makes sense, given that Epic very evidently has an existing working relationship with WarnerMedia and The Suicide Squad premieres in theaters and on-demand on August 6.

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Source: SmugMrMime/Reddit

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