Fortnite: How to Mindwipe Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker, or Human Bill

Fortnite: How to Mindwipe Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker, or Human Bill

One of the Week 8 Legendary Quest stages in Fortnite Season 7 is to mindwipe one of three NPCs. Players must complete special dialogue options first.

The Week 8 Legendary Quests in Fortnite Season 7 all involve spying on the IO and talking to NPCs to find an Infiltrator, but Dr. Slone will also task players with using her new mindwipe technology against one of three beloved NPCs around the island. Unlike previous Fortnite seasons, in which players would only experience the main story in loading screens, Season 7’s Legendary Quests let players take a more active role and participate in the events of the Alien Invasion. Dr. Slone usually leads these quests, starting with orders from a payphone and continuing into a series of related activities that should help combat the Alien Invasion. In Week 8 of Fortnite Season 7, players will need to help Dr. Slone by mindwiping Bunker Jonesy, Human Bill, or Swamp Stalker.

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Mindwiping an NPC in Fortnite Season 7 is fairly straightforward, and though Dr. Slone mentions a new technology, players don’t need to go find an item to complete the process. Instead, they will simply need to select one of the three NPCs and engage them in conversation. They will earn a generous amount of XP for completing this quest before it expires at the end of the week. Here’s how to mindwipe Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker, or Human Bill in Week 8 of Fortnite Season 7.

Complete Special Dialogue to Mindwipe NPCs in Fortnite Season 7

Bunker Jonesy outside the house in Fortnite Season 6

To mindwipe an NPC in Week 8 of Fortnite Season 7, players will need to choose whether to pursue Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker, or Human Bill. It will be important to remember that not every one of these NPCs will spawn every match, and Bunker Jonesy is one particular character who spawns less frequently than others. Players may have better luck going after Swamp Stalker or Human Bill instead.

The Fortnite Season 7 NPCs players must choose to mindwipe are located at the following Landmarks:

  • Bunker Jonesy: Lumber Lodge
  • Swamp Stalker: Slurpy Swamp
  • Human Bill: Steamy Stacks

It may be a good idea to land at one of these popular locations from the Battle Bus to complete this quest more efficiently.

To mindwipe one of these NPCs, players must approach the character. They will already suspect what the player is about to do and will have unique dialogue reflecting their distrust and disapproval. Players should follow the dialogue wheel until the animation plays of them using Slone’s new technology to accost the NPC with flashes that wipe their minds.

Fortnite Dr Slone Season 7

Players will know the mindwipe worked if the character asks, “… Where am I? Who are you?” Once players have successfully mindwiped either Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker, or Human Bill, they will receive 30,000 XP toward their Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass and will unlock the final phase of the Week 8 Legendary Quests.

Though this challenge is fairly simple, players should consider completing it, like most other Fortnite Quests, in Team Rumble Mode, despite its recent changes. Most Fortnite fans use Team Rumble as a way to complete multiple quests quickly and efficiently, and players have the added bonus of respawning in case they are eliminated by an opponent while working on a quest.

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Fortnite is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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