Fortnite Player Poses as a Juggling NPC To Rack Up Easy Kills

Fortnite Player Poses as a Juggling NPC To Rack Up Easy Kills

A genius Fortnite player poses as a juggling NPC to rack up easy kills, proving that the best spot to hide in the battle royale is in plain sight.

NPCs in Fortnite are nothing new, but one genius player posed as one to rack up easy kills, using the jugging emote to fool players into getting close. The player, dressed in a comical crash test dummy skin, proved how easy it is to fool players in Fortnite by acting as an NPC while using the juggling emote. The enemies, thinking the player is a harmless entity, rush past them with reckless abandon. With a perfect line of sight of the enemy’s head, the genius players exit the juggling act and proceed with the kill. The tactic, while strangely easy, works like a charm, as the player abuses the strategy countless times, racking up kills like nobody’s business.

NPCs are a fun addition to Fortnite, adding optional side quests that can bring powerful loot during battle royale matches. The characters, often part of the overarching story of the Fortnite Season, can provide players with random items, like shield potions or badges, for doing menial tasks like chopping trees or eliminating enemies with a certain weapon. The most important aspect to NPCs is their Gold Bar rewards, which allow players to purchase items in Fortnite Season 7. There are currently less than 20 possible NPCs to encounter in Fortnite, and in doing so, players can complete weekly quests throughout Season 7. Though Fortnite NPCs include Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, it does not, in fact, include a juggling crash test dummy.

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In a hilarious Reddit post, MrDoontoo showed off their incredible Fortnite strategy, in which they pose as a juggling NPC in order to rack up countless kills. The tactic, which seems too good to be true, is carried out when the player executes the juggling emote. The inconspicuous crash test dummy skin works in the player’s favor, as player after player runs unsuspectingly into firing range. MrDoontoo uses the strategy again and again, and it’s obvious players haven’t caught on.

The Fortnite strategy is fairly incredibly considering the crash test dummy isn’t a known NPC in the game. The fact that the player gets away multiple times by just standing helplessly in fields or by buildings is a showcase of trust more than anything. Players trust that Fortnite included the random juggling act, instead of figuring out the juggling is really a Fortnite player in disguise. The tactic, while clever, has been used in a variety of alternate ways, especially by players using the Rick Sanchez skin. Fortnite players will act as though they are the NPC Rick Sanchez and when enemies come by to activate the quest, they are overrun with bullets.

Fun strategies are always popping up in Fortnite, especially when high-stakes tournaments are offered. Players need to use whatever method they can to earn the top spot, even if it means acting like a clown. In previous Seasons, other smart strategies have been used. Popular YouTuber, LazarBeam, used the sand stat to act as a sand pile for entire matches. For most, doing what they can to win is the most important, regardless of honor.

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Source: MrDoontoo/Reddit

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