Fortnite Season 7: All New Weapons Explained

Fortnite Season 7: All New Weapons Explained

Fortnite Season 7 marks the launch of an alien invasion on the battle royale island. Here are all new weapons and devices players can use.

Fortnite launched Chapter 2, Season 7 on June 8, bringing an alien invasion to the battle royale island. Flying saucers fill the sky, and the battle pass allows players to grab skins of some of their favorite aliens, including Rick Sanchez of Rick and Morty and Superman of DC Comics. These otherworldly characters bring more than their appearance for players to use – some of them brought new weapons to Fortnite Season 7.

This is not abnormal, as Fortnite updates tend to bring new weapons related to the theme of the new season. During Fortnite Season 6’s Primal event, players were introduced to a host of weapons such as the Primal SMG, Primal Shotgun, Primal Pistol, Primal Bow, Primal Flame Bow, and Primal Stink Bow. Season 6 also introduced crafting, which allowed players with appropriate recipes to create a new type of weapon by collecting parts and building with a base weapon.

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The new weapons in Fortnite Season 7 are keeping that tradition alive, as they are futuristic in nature, designed to keep the threat of alien invasion at bay. Crafting remains a gameplay element in Season 7, albeit adjusted for the more sophisticated weaponry. Players collect nuts and bolts scattered throughout the map and use them to craft an assault rifle into a burst assault rifle, submachine gun into a rapid fire SMG, or a shotgun into a lever action shotgun. outside of crafting, there are a total of two new devices and three new weapons in Fortnite Season 7.

Fortnite Season 7 Invasion Weapons

Fortnite Flying Saucer

The Kymera Ray Gun is one such new weapon. When fired, it blasts a continuous beam, only stopping when it needs to recharge. Though the weapon is powerful on enemies, it is not very effective on structures. This gun is one of two extraterrestrial devices players can use in the fight to victory royale.

A Pulse Rifle has made its way into the island’s weapon cache in Fortnite Season 7, an invention from IO to stop the threat of aliens. It was built to be reliable, effectively hitting enemies regardless of whether or not a player aimed down its sights or not. A legendary Doctor Slone pulse rifle is available in-game if players are able to defeat her. Also created by the IO is the Rail Gun, a sniper rifle designed to do damage to flying saucers. Players should note that this weapon has a visible targeting beam, which could warn opponents of an attack before they pull the trigger.

Additionally, the IO has created devices to aid combat such as the Recon Scanner. This non-lethal gun will fire a recon bolt, which in turn will mark all opponents and chests in its diameter. The Recon Scanner has a limited number of bolts at any given time, but automatically regenerates them. The other non-weapon item players can use against opponents is not from IO, but the skies. Players can pilot UFOs in Season 7 by shooting them down, using an abduction beam to pick up opponents and drop them in a random area of the map. Teammates can also stand on the exterior of the saucer as it flies, providing extra cover while players fly around the Fortnite map.

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