Fragile Coalition to Oust Netanyahu Faces Growing Pressure

Fragile Coalition to Oust Netanyahu Faces Growing Pressure

Early Thursday morning, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he could not reach an agreement without fighting and urged lawmakers to oppose the dangerous leftist regime.

If the coalition can be maintained, Israel can eventually establish a new government.

Concerned about the recent war and civil war, he believes his four elections will take place in two years, the Israelis will wake up on Thursday, and the government and the oldest leader in history could be overthrown. I am. Hooray. ..

An unusual party demonstration agreed to establish a coalition government on Wednesday night. If Congress passes the agreement, at least for now, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s only reign will end and a fragile and painful improvisational alliance will take over.

But Netanyahu called on lawmakers to oppose “this dangerous left-wing government” early Thursday morning, saying it wouldn’t collapse without a fight.

Although he appeared to have little power, Netanyahu’s career has been characterized by a keen instinct to survive politically.

Opposition to the Palestinian state and advocate of religious nationalists, Naftali Bennett will serve as prime minister until 2023, with a last-minute agreement from the opposition coalition.

If the new government lasts so long, the agreement will require the replacement of Jar Rapid, a former central television host and believed to be the owner of the non-religious Israeli flag. Rapid is a federation term. I will serve for the remaining 2 years.

The strange bedmate nature of this arrangement reflects the agreement that caused it, the first independent Arab group in which eight political parties with diverse idealism joined the alliance from left to right. Includes. Alliance. Government policy. In the history of Israel.

While some analysts praise the agreement as reflecting the breadth and complexity of modern Israeli society, others say it embodies Israel’s political dysfunction. They also predicted that the agreement would not last, given the incompatibilities of the signers.

But what left Israel without a stable government and national budget was a move after two years of political impasse. And it marked a turning point for Netanyahu, the leader who defined modern Israel more than anyone else, by turning him to the right. He has been in power for 12 consecutive years. He has been in power for 15 years. Year.

Benjamin, Netanyahu’s former ally, is usually visible further to the right. But as a last resort to end Israel’s political crisis, he was fortunate to oppose Israeli idealism and “dismantled the walls of this country one by one until our home collapsed. He was trying to avoid it.

Prime Minister Netanyahu vows to continue fighting.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had been banished from the administration for more than a decade, said he would continue to fight Thursday.

“All lawmakers elected by right-wing voters must oppose this dangerous left-wing government,” he wrote on Twitter.

By noon, he was full of concessions to the fledgling opposition coalition and listed the concessions that Jar Rapid and Naftali Bennett claimed to have made to secure an alliance with the Ram Arab Islamic Party. The campaign has started.

His militant claims indicated that fierce fighting could continue for the next few days.

They also visited when details of the tense last-minute negotiations to secure the alliance began to be revealed.

Israeli opposition leader Rapid had to improvise an unlikely coalition to defeat Netanyahu until midnight Wednesday, when he told Reuven Rivlin, Israel’s predominantly ceremonial president. He explained that he formed an eight-party alliance of far-right, left-wing, and central Arab-Israeli parties.

The government will do everything possible to unite all sectors of Israeli society, “Rapid said in a statement issued shortly after the call with Livrin.

However, Mr. Rapid’s celebration will be postponed for a few days. Israeli Speaker Yalive Levin is a member of Netanyahu’s Likud Party and can postpone the vote of confidence until June 14, using parliamentary procedures, constitutional experts said.

Netanyahu’s party put pressure on the nasty members of Rapid’s fragile coalition, giving them time to persuade them to leave the new alliance, and many of them cooperate with each other. They have made a difficult promise to cooperate.

Officials from several political parties forming the new alliance said early Thursday that internal coalition agreements between them, and even the allocation of ministerial posts, had not yet been finalized.

Rapid agreed to give Naftali Bennett, a far-right former settler leader to the Palestinian state, the opportunity to lead the government until 2023, when Rapid takes office.

Even before the coalition was formally formed, these tensions were completely obvious, and many Israelis wondered if it would last for more than a few months rather than a full term.

Analysts believe that if the coalition collapses, Rapid will win more credit than Bennett. His decision to work with both centrists and leftists was Bennett’s first prime ministerial decision. This is your chance. Infuriated his few supporters when he won.

“Rapid made a series of very strong decisions, showed incredible maturity and made great statements about different types of leadership,” New York City said based on a research group. “It will not be lost to the Israelites.

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