France has suspended all flights to Brazil due to virus variants

France has suspended all flights to Brazil due to virus variants

France has suspended all flights between Brazil and France amid concerns about the coronavirus variant.

Paris (AP) France suspended all flights from Brazil on Tuesday amid concerns about the South African country’s spread, particularly the contagious form of the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Jean Casatex has announced a moratorium in parliament.

“We have noticed that the situation is getting worse and that is why we have decided to suspend all flights between Brazil and France until further notice,” said Cassack.

Although a relatively small number of French P-1 variants have come to Brazil’s attention, the catastrophe it is causing in Latin America’s largest country is sounding alarms in France.

Cassex noted that passengers from Brazil already had to test negative for the virus before departing and arriving in France, and the separation was arranged for 10 days. But the government has made serious calls on health experts to suspend flights to further limit possible expansion.

Cassex’s announcement has been widely praised in parliament.

The opposition socialist deputy Boris Valladolid described the suspension of flights as “necessary and a very good decision.”

The epidemic has caused 5.1 million coronaviruses in France, the highest number in Europe, and has killed more than 99,000 people. The country is pushing hospitals in Paris and elsewhere to fight coronavirus infections and another wave of hospital admissions.

At the peak of the night curfew, travel and circulation restrictions were imposed across the country to prevent the rise of France. The schools are scheduled to run for at least three weeks amid the closure.

French Health Minister Olivier Veran told parliament that a form that first spread to Britain before spreading to continental Europe is now responsible for about 80% of infections in France and the first forms seen in Brazil and South Africa. they are less than 4% among the French. Infection

“Proportionally, we see a reversal of these forms because they are less contagious than in English,” Veran said.

Even before the flight was suspended, Brazil’s passenger traffic had already been drastically reduced due to travel restrictions on the roads during the epidemic. The transport minister said this week that at least 50 people were flying from Brazil to the main Paris airport each week before the health crisis.

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