Fully vaccinated Americans don’t need to wear masks outside

Fully vaccinated Americans don’t need to wear masks outside

According to new guidelines released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fully vaccinated Americans do not need to wear any masks outside, except in crowded environments.

During a White House briefing, public health officials said the vaccinated people could be caught when they were completely alone outside or walking, running, hiking or cycling with family members.

They said the victims did not need to wear masks at outdoor gatherings full of vaccinated family and friends, or in a mixture of vaccinated and uninfected people.

The guide also says that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks with more than one family friend in outdoor restaurants.

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky. If you’re fully vaccinated, things are much safer for you than for those who haven’t been fully vaccinated yet.

The CDC still recommends that fully vaccinated persons be fully vaccinated indoors and in public places, or where masks are required.

Individuals are considered fully vaccinated after receiving a second dose of Pfizer-Bioentech or Moderena vaccines or two weeks after receiving a single dose of Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

On Tuesday, CDC data showed that about 30% of the US population was fully vaccinated and more than 42% received at least one dose.

The agency’s guidelines said masks may not be necessary when you are away from others or with family members before, but they continue to recommend masks in public settings, and local outdoor mask orders should be followed.

Some states are already starting to relax their outdoor mask requirements. Kentucky residents are no longer required to wear masks for outdoor events with less than a thousand people. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker told reporters last week that he wanted to lift some restrictions in the state by the end of April.

Health experts say the cordonvirus outbreak is much lower outside the home than in the home.

A November report published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases found that indoor contamination conditions were 18.7 times higher than outdoor conditions. Researchers who examined five studies found less than 10% of the infection.

At Lennox Hill Hospital in New York City, emergency doctor Dr. Robert Glater said the virus spreads rapidly in the air outside the home due to wind currents, so the risk of inhaling aerosols of viral particles from people walking or running is extremely low. .

That said, people at large outdoor gatherings should wear masks closely for extended periods of time, such as sporting events, protests or rallies.

The newly published Masking Guidelines advise CDC employees to wear masks at events outside of the crowd, such as live performances, parades or sporting events.

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