Gane vs Rozenstruik live: online tv guide, match info, start time

Gane vs Rozenstruik live: online tv guide, match info, start time

MMA junkie analyst Dan Tom heads the UFC. Today, we see the main event of UFC Fight Night 186 and it taking place on Saturday at UFC Apex in Las Vegas. The event is broadcast on ESPN+.

match info:

where: UFC Apex in Las Vegas
Date: Saturday, Feb. 27
Prelims: 5 p.m. ET
Main card: 8 p.m. ET
tv channel: ESPN+.

A fun pair of heavyweight kickboxers have been added to the main event in Las Vegas who silently watch their left hand trades as scoring.

Already extinguishing multiple UFC heavyweights with his left hand, Zyrginho Rosensarik never seems to leave the house without his control hook. Always locked in and understood, Rosensrik is a Dutch trained kickboxer who likes to fight from the counter.

The 32-year-old does precise work keeping his feet on the ground, rarely stretching past work or kicking hard and low. And when Rosensrike can punch his opponents or snuggle close to his cage, the Surinamese is not afraid to shake with a power punch from behind.

But as we’ve seen in Rosenrich’s presence in the past, the southpaw lands on a solid two-island road that must be honored after meeting Cyril Gain this Saturday.

A former footballer who tried Mua Thai, Gain was seen representing the expectations of many about the possibility of heavyweight athletes transforming into mixed martial arts. In addition to viewing the part aesthetically, Gen, more importantly, has demonstrated skill in both sponge and sequencing techniques, as he has certainly outgrown his years.

Proving that she can change positions with the help of substances, Jane seems to be able to do so on both sides when she changes the pace at ease in her attack. More importantly, Gain’s somewhat quick and laid-back style seemed to fit the little octagon perfectly during his last ride, as the 30-year-old’s distance handling and recognition seemed flawless. However, I suspect that both Jane and Rojnaserik should behave their best in any setting and encourage action and consolidation of the situation.


In the United States, premium and major cards are available on ESPN +.
In Canada, the premium card (5 p.m. ET) and the main card are on TSN5.
In the United States, UFC Fight Night can be seen live on BT Sport 1 (preliminaries and main card at 11am GMT on Sunday)
In Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain, the original UFC Fight Night card (2.00m CET on Sunday) is available on the global sports streaming service DAZ at
More details on keeping an eye on other countries can be found at


Bet MGM (Feb 23-23) -275 installed as a big favorite, which means you have to bet 27 275 to win $ 100. Meanwhile Rosensarik is at +230, which means if you place a bet of 100 to 100 will get 230 net.

match Preview

Cyril Gain is an elite possibility who has created brilliant metrics through four UFC fights. The first thing that drew attention to Jane’s significant impact was that she had a significant impact on the absorption rate. Jane has landed almost three times more significant hits than her feats, being absorbed with just two significant hits per minute, hitting close to six significant hits per minute.

Jane’s ability to avoid significant blows is also supported by her rate stats, as she avoids the significant attacking efforts of an elite 733% opponent, who will rank near the top of the all-time UFC rankings. for Gen.

Jane’s appeal exceeded her number. Jane weighs 245lbs 664 “with excellent athleticism by heavyweight division standards. She is tall and uses her size well and uses her length to handle distance to build a strong defense. Helped him avoid significant strain all at once and contributed 733% of his elite, surprising defense numbers.

Jane uses her length aggressively, especially with leg kicks. Jean’s leg kicking game featured in her recent fight against Jr. Dos Santos, where she landed 29 of the 59 notable punches she landed. Gan will rise higher with his kicks and attack head kicks once the head softens at the bottom.

Jane’s leg kicking game is a sure way to attack aggressively because she was able to hit outside of her opponent’s striking range.

Jane’s Striking Game is very comprehensive, with a variety of kicks, knees, elbows, and punches landing on the legs, body, and head. Jane’s kickboxing skills and athleticism stand out with really heavy weights, a category that often causes shocking fights between fighters who aren’t particularly skilled or athletes.

Jane’s greatest strength is her kickboxing, but she will try to submit if the opportunity presents itself. Jane has finished two of the four UFC fights with submissions and hers two submission attempts from hers. Jane’s most recent introduction was the heel hook, which is often seen last in the UFC.

Zyrzinho Rogensarik is also a forward and this matchup appears to be basically a kickboxing match. Rosenesaric’s hitting metrics aren’t as strong as Jane’s, although he competed fiercely. Rosenasaric landed around four notable punches per minute and received around three notable punches per minute, which is worse than Jane’s ratio.

Rosensarik’s significant attacking defense in terms of rate stood out as particularly poor, as he avoided only 3 36% of the opponent’s significant attack effort, well below Zen’s 733%. Rosenzuric has not attempted to move any of his six UFC fights, so watch this fight to stay on the most legs.

match Prediction

There are several ways to attack Gen depending on his style that can be effective. The first is the pressure on her legs, making it difficult for Jane to grab her back foot and use her kicking game.

The second is chain fighting, which will help reduce the effectiveness of your kickboxing and leg kicks, as throwing leg kicks makes a fighter more sensitive to taking cities due to imbalance with the leg extension.

Rosenzuric doesn’t fit either of these descriptions, as he’s one of the counterattacks who hasn’t landed a single takedown in six UFC fights or even recorded a move attempt. Rosensrike’s style can play to Jane’s strengths and put the fight in a place that is best designed to be the best for the song.

The smaller cage combined with the attack power between the two fighters probably achieves the most consequences, especially since the fight has to finish five full rounds instead of three. Draftkings have fought in Sportsbook-266 so that the distance does not go. However, Jean’s technical and methodological approach to Rosensrik’s backlash could result in a longer kickboxing match, which could lead to Zen by decision (+275) or distance: yes (+205) plus possible betting options return.

Five seconds before the end of the fifth round, Rosenasrik went to nearly five full rounds with Alastair Overim before the end of the attic, so Rosenasrik showed the stamina of fighting five full rounds.

Although Jane is a favorite with a good showdown, Rosensrike is a very lively loser. The small cage of the UFC Apex combined with the strength of the heavyweight division threatens to make Rosenzrick a dangerous opponent and score a victory by TK / KO (+275).

Gen is elite at protecting his chin from him by running the distance, but he doesn’t really protect his chin from him with his hands, if RosenSrik is able to get into his hitting range, he can throw him off a power punch . Rosensarik has the amazing ability to finish the fight, as he has won all five of his UFC wins.

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