Genshin Impact: How to Find (& Defeat) Pyro Hypostasis

Genshin Impact: How to Find (& Defeat) Pyro Hypostasis

The 2.0 update of Genshin Impact adds a new boss in the form of the Pyro Hypostasis. Finding and defeating it can be challenging to the unprepared.

The Pyro Hypostasis is a new boss in Genshin Impact added with the 2.0 update. Finding and defeating the Pyro Hypostasis is challenging. Like the other Hypostasis boss fights in the game, players can expect to come up against a variety of moves. They must know how to dodge them or else have good healing skills.

The more difficult part of the Pyro Hypostasis is getting to the fight itself. It requires quite a bit of work to get to, so new players to the game should not expect to face off against the Pyro Hypostasis right away. The Pyro Hypostasis is found on Kannazuka Island in Inazuma. For reference, it’s close to the Kujou Encampment.

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To get to Inazuma in Genshin Impact, players will need to play through the Archon Quests, which is the main storyline of the game. Specifically, they will need to play through Chapter 2 Act 1, The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia. Fortunately, there is a Teleport Waypoint located on Kannazuka Island so players can travel back to the island anytime to face off against the Pyro Hypostasis again to get the rewards it drops.

Pyro Hypostasis Attacks in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Pyro Hypostasis Exploding Bomb

Part of taking down bosses in Genshin Impact, is having the right party for the task. Using a hydro character such as Barbara is useful in taking down the shields of the Pyro Hypostasis. Barbara is also nice because she can heal the party while attacking. Those who have not managed to get Barbara through Genshin Impact‘s gacha mechanics are free to use other hydro characters. Cryo characters also work well. Players can use other elements too, it just takes a little longer to whittle down the enemy’s shield.

Next, players need a character that deals a lot of damage. Anyone will work, so long as they don’t use the pyro element. Sorry, Diluc. Once they manage to get the shield down, switch to this character to attack the crystal core of the Pyro Hypostasis. The Pyro Hypostasis has several different attacks, and some will be familiar to those who have faced off against the other types of Hypostases.

There’s an attack where the Pyro Hypostasis takes the form of a bull and charges forward. The player just needs to dodge to the side. Another attack where it forms into a fist and punches down, simply run away from the shockwave.  One of its most dangerous attacks is when it becomes a big bomb. It has a large radius that covers the entire arena. Luckily, it takes a few seconds to power up, giving the player plenty of time to run away. There is also a smaller bomb effect that covers a smaller area.

There are other attacks too, such as a fire-spitting snake, or a spinning ball attack. Again, players just need to dodge and wait until its core is exposed to attack. This might take some practice to get the timing right, so if the fight isn’t going the player’s way, it’s okay to make a tactical withdrawal and take time to heal.

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Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.

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