Ghost Hunters Corp: How to Gather Evidence (& What It’s For)

Ghost Hunters Corp: How to Gather Evidence (& What It’s For)

There are five possible pieces of evidence players can gather in Ghost Hunters Corp to help identify the ghost and determine the exorcism needed.

The first half of a mission in Ghost Hunters Corp will see a team of players as paranormal investigators gathering evidence and using it to identify the ghost and determine the best way to eliminate it from the house. Evidence in Ghost Hunters Corp is primarily used to determine the steps players must take to complete an exorcism rather than helping players identify a type of ghost. There are five possible pieces of evidence players can gather in Ghost Hunters Corp, and they will do so using professional paranormal investigator equipment. As players find results, they can input the information in their Ghostpedia to narrow down the possibilities for defeating the ghost.

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At the start of every investigation in Ghost Hunters Corp, players should be prepared to bring along at least five pieces of equipment. Many of these items can continue to work even when left on the ground, freeing up players to complete secondary objectives during their search and earn more points and in-game money for the mission. The difficulty of the mission determines the amount of evidence the team can expect to find, and not every evidence type will appear in every game. Teams will need to know what to look for so they can understand how to rule a type of evidence out. Here’s how to gather and use evidence in Ghost Hunters Corp.

How to Gather and Record Evidence in Ghost Hunters Corp

A paranormal investigator uses the Occult Sniffer to identify a cursed object.

To find and use evidence in Ghost Hunters Corp, players will need to bring certain professional ghost hunting equipment with them into the building. The items they will need, and the kinds of evidence they can expect to gather from these items, include:

  • EMF K2 Reader: Determines the Electromagnetic Field inside a home or room.
  • Entity Analyzer: Locates the ghost and produces a code that corresponds to an exorcism step.
  • Thermometer or MEL-8G0 scanner: Determines the temperature of a room either containing the entity or ghost orbs.
  • Automatic Writing Book: Allows ghosts to communicate through symbols and drawings or text.
  • Spirit Box: Allows ghosts to communicate verbally or with sounds.

These items each correspond to a fillable field in the players’ Ghostpedia, found via their in-game tablet or the computer in the back of the van. As each piece of equipment picks up evidence from the ghost, players should input it into each category.

In easy-difficulty missions, players can expect between two and three pieces of evidence and two or three corresponding exorcism steps. On moderate difficulty, they can expect between three and four pieces of evidence. On the hardest difficulty, they should expect four to five pieces of evidence. Not every kind of evidence will feature in every mission. If any piece of equipment does not pick up information, and there are no protective items like a Crucifix or Statue Marie nearby, it is likely that piece of evidence is not needed to determine the steps for the exorcism this mission.

A player uses a Neutrino Gun to defeat a ghost in Ghost Hunters Corp

To most efficiently gather evidence in Ghost Hunters Corp, players in co-op mode should consider having each member of the team bring a different piece of equipment and enter different rooms until they locate the ghost. Then, each player can set up their equipment near that room so they can gather evidence without all needing to be in the same place and vulnerable to a hunt.

Players can also observe the behaviors of ghosts to gather evidence. Certain ghost types have special extra requirements for exorcism that may or may not correspond to a piece of evidence players receive. Teams will need to learn what to look for when investigating the home to ensure they do not miss essential exorcism steps, like reading from the Exorcism Book or flashing the ghost with the Instant Camera. Each ghost type’s specific appearances and behaviors appear below:

  • Poltergeist: These entities do not like having objects in the house touched. They may throw items, interact with the environment by turning on or off lights and locking doors, and hunt players who touch too many things around the house.
  • Shadow: These entities do not like the light and will turn off the lights the player turns on. They will have a dark appearance with only their faces visible.
  • Revenant: These ghosts cannot stand upright and will crawl everywhere.
  • Demon: These ghosts laugh at the demise of others. Players can hear their high-pitched or low, guttural laughter without the aid of a Spirit Box.
  • Child: These entities are shorter in stature. They can be affected by the Statue Marie item. Any other ghost type can also be part of the Child category.

Because not every piece of evidence appears in every mission, determining the ghost type is the most important part of the investigation to ensure a complete exorcism.

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Ghost Hunters Corp is in Early Access and is available for PC.

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