Gilmore Girls: 8 Characters Who Left The Show Too Soon

Gilmore Girls: 8 Characters Who Left The Show Too Soon

The show Gilmore Girls does a fantastic job of creating comforting scenes because of the familiarity of the show. Fans come to know Stars Hollow, the Dragonfly Inn, Luke’s Diner, and Rory’s Yale life like the back of their hands. Even the characters and their quirks have heartening qualities.

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Sadly, there were a few noteworthy characters that fans became attached to that didn’t last long on the show. Whether it was because their story was done or they didn’t belong in Stars Hollow anymore, these characters had their time on Gilmore Girls cut short.

8 Dave Rygalski

It’s hard to believe Dave Rygalski was only in one season of Gilmore Girls. He was such an important part of Lane’s life because he was her first kiss and one of her first relationships. Dave went above and beyond for Lane and did everything he could to get Mrs. Kim to like him.

In a lot of ways, they were one of the best best friend duos that turned romantic. Shockingly, this couple ended abruptly when he went away to college. He never came back to Stars Hollow and there was never a concrete ending with Lane.

7 Kyon

Gilmore GIrls Kyon

When Lane moved out of her mom’s house and began a life of independence, Mrs. Kim invited a foreign exchange student from Korea into her home. When Lane found out that a young girl who looked like her was living at her mom’s house and sleeping in her bedroom, she panicked.

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She didn’t want her mom to forget about her. When Lane eventually met Kyon, she was a spitting image of who Lane used to be. She dressed conservatively, abided by her mother’s rules, and devoted to her religion. As Kyon lived in America longer, she slowly started becoming more and more like Lane. She was changing into different clothes that Mrs. Kim wouldn’t approve of and spending more time with Brian. Due to her spunky attitude, it would have been fun to have her and Lane interact more.

6 Honor Huntzberger

Honor Huntzberger's wedding on Gilmore Girls

Once Rory and Logan became serious, Logan introduced Rory to her sister, Honor. Compared to his mom and dad, Honor was the most like him and down to earth.

Rory and Honor weren’t super close but it became evident that Honor loved Rory when she called her on Thanksgiving and invited her to get ready with her on her wedding day. Watching the dynamic between Rory and Honor and Logan is something fans missed out on.

5 Drella

Drella on the harp on Gilmore Girls

Drella was only in four episodes in season 1 but her presence is missed throughout the series. Fans first met her when she was hired by Lorelai to play the harp at the Independence Inn. In a lot of ways, she was the perfect combination of Sookie and Michel.

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With Drella in the mix, things could have been different for Lorelai in terms of friendship. Drella could have been her righthand woman instead of Sookie. Or perhaps Drella was the pain in her side instead of Michel. Regardless, Drella should have lasted longer.

4 Jess Mariano

Jess yelling at Rory on Gilmore Girls

Jess is the only ex of Rory’s that made it on the list due to his exit in the original series. Dean and Rory had a proper exit to their relationship after Dean realized they were living in two different worlds, but Jess was different.

Jess ran out on Rory in high school, giving them both zero closure on their relationship. Jess comes back later to catch up with Rory before running out of town after a disastrous evening with Logan. There’s always been something missing in their ending, which is why fans wished Jess had a few more episodes in the series.

3 Miss Celine

Miss Celine talking to Rory on Gilmore Girls

Miss Celine was a stylist, designer, and seamstress. She worked specifically for Emily Gilmore and made her first appearance when making a dress for her and Richard’s vow renewal.

Miss Celine was elegant yet a little eccentric. She compared everyone to old Hollywood actors and name-dropped a few stars she knew. She was upbeat, zany, and one of the few people in the Gilmore world that Lorelai connected with. Viewers were shafted for not getting enough of Miss Celine.

2 Trix

Trix rented her home to korn - gilmore girls

Trix’s dynamic with Emily Gilmore is exactly why viewers needed more Trix in their lives. She was judgemental of Emily and far too hard on her, but she was one of the few people who made Emily panic.

Seeing Emily afraid of another woman was not seen often and made for great TV. Her relationship with Lorelai was also special. Trix was proud of the woman Lorelai turned out to be and commended her and her business goals. Having someone in the Gilmore world in Lorelai’s corner was necessary from time to time.

1 Lane’s Grandmother

Lane’s grandma only appeared in one episode, but fans wanted more. The entire family relationship between Lane, Mrs. Kim, and Grandma Kim was too good for words. She first appeared in Stars Hollow as a surprise for Lane’s wedding. But considering Mrs. Kim and her mother had different religions, Mrs. Kim was horrified to have her mom in her home.

Very much like Trix and Emily, there was a love/hate relationship between the two that made great TV. Sadly, nothing came of Grandma Kim after Lane’s wedding.

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