GTA Online Player Calls Out Jeff Bezos After Unusual VIP Job Assignment

GTA Online Player Calls Out Jeff Bezos After Unusual VIP Job Assignment

A GTA Online player was tasked with finding and taking out the VIP of a criminal organization by the name of Amazon Prime in executive search mode.

A player in GTA Online recently called out Jeff Bezos after being tasked with finding the VIP of an organization named Amazon Prime while playing in the executive search game mode. There are a wide variety of modes and roles players can take on in the nearly eight-year-old multiplayer title, but those who still play it on Xbox 360 and PS3 will soon need to find another console of choice after Rockstar recently announced that GTA Online will no longer be playable on those systems.

Executive search is a mode where the VIP of an organization must hide and survive for ten minutes in a specified area of the map. Fellow organization members act as bodyguards protecting the VIP during the game while those outside the group hunt down the target. Whichever side wins get some form of payout that varies depending on how the mode unfolded.

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The criminal organizations in GTA Online are created by players and have certain customizable elements that make each one unique with the most obvious being the name. Reddit user SpatialPigeon seems to have been one of the players on the hunt when they were tasked with finding and taking out the VIP of an organization calling itself Amazon Prime. A screenshot showcases the unlikely objective with the Redditor calling out the former CEO of the real-life Amazon Prime. Bezos stepped away from the company he founded 27-years ago at the beginning of July.

The comment section to this post showcased just how meta and bizarre the names are for some of the criminal organizations in GTA Online. One gamer based their organization’s name off of Elder Scrolls and Fallout developer Bethesda and has since been bombarded with questions about when Elder Scrolls VI will finally be released. Others have chosen names that more often than not elicit strong responses from fellow players, particularly during the recruitment phase.

It is a little surprising that instances like this do not happen more often given how bizarre certain aspects are in GTA Online. The image does raise some interesting questions such as what prompted the criminal organization founder to base their name off of the world-famous subscription program? Regardless this is one of those instances where things lined up too perfectly and it was lucky SpatialPigeon was able to capture the moment.

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Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: SpatialPigeon/Reddit

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