GTA Online Player Lands On a Submarine In Ridiculous Car Stunt

GTA Online Player Lands On a Submarine In Ridiculous Car Stunt

A daring Grand Theft Auto Online player put their driving skills to the test and landed their Scramjet on a submarine with an incredible jump.

In an amazing virtual death defying stunt, a Grand Theft Auto Online player has managed to land their Scramjet on top of a submarine. Introduced to the game during the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update in 2018, the vehicle remains a steadfast favorite for daring stunts.

GTA Online has managed to remain popular, thanks to Rockstar’s continued support for the game, despite being released eight years ago. The latest update for the title comes in the form of a car culture themed content drop titled Los Santos Tuners, the biggest update to the game since the Cayo Perico Heist was released in December 2020. Along with adding new vehicles and races for players to enjoy, Los Santos Tuners introduces LS Car Meet, a social hub for car lovers to gather, show off their rides, and even watch others modify their vehicles.

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Reddit user TheRealMurda10k shared a video of the incredible stunt they managed to pull off in GTA Online, landing their Scramjet on a submarine. Deciding to take a break from completing Cayo Perico Heist missions, the Redditor drove through the Del Perro Pier in their black Scramjet, launching it off the pier. After soaring through the air for a few seconds, the car began to plummet, mere inches away from touching down into the ocean, with the awaiting submarine still far off in the horizon. Not wanting to send their car to a watery grave, the Reddit user skillfully deployed the Scramjet’s rocket boosters, sending the vehicle hurtling into the air once more. The boost sent the car on an acrobatic course, flipping twice before landing squarely on the top of the waiting Kosatka submarine, without a single scratch.

This is not the first time TheRealMurda10k has managed to skillfully execute a seemingly impossible stunt in GTA Online. Previously, they utilized their precision driving to land another Scramjet on a crane, by driving up the exterior of multiple skyscrapers before making the daring leap. Often the choice vehicle for GTA Online players looking to try their hand at some stunts, the Scramjet has spawned countless memes in the community, many of which mock its propensity for landing in pools. This is a problem that TheRealMurda10k has managed to avoid in their stunts.

GTA Online players continue to pull off remarkable, gravity defying stunts with considerable skill and luck. There will undoubtedly be more opportunity for more incredible stunt driving in the near future, as a selection of the game’s vehicles are set to receive speed improvements with the release of GTA Online’s next-gen console upgrades sometime this fall.

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Grand Theft Auto: 5 Online is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: TheRealMurda10k/Reddit

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