Guardians of the Galaxy Game’s Single-Player Lets Devs Focus On Narrative

Guardians of the Galaxy Game’s Single-Player Lets Devs Focus On Narrative

Guardians of the Galaxy’s focus on single-player allows developer Eidos to fully devote themselves to delivering a rock-solid narrative.

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy‘s single-player focus is a boon to the developers at Eidos Montréal, as it means that they can focus more on the game’s branching narrative. Square Enix’s take on the space-faring heroes of the printed page and silver screen caught viewers by surprise during June’s E3 livestream event, with most of the publisher’s stage time being devoted to showing off all that the superhero title will have to offer when it launches later this year.

In the role of Peter “Star-Lord” Quill, players will be tasked with saving the Marvel universe and keeping the notoriously teeth-clenched Guardians from ripping each other apart in their newest video game, with Star-Lord commanding his squad in battle using in-game prompts. However, players won’t be taking control of the other Guardians themselves, nor can they recruit friends in any kind of multiplayer mode – though Eidos once considered including such a feature. According to high-ranking members of the development team, this might not be a bad thing.

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As reported by yesterday, Eidos Montréal senior gameplay director Patrick Fortier says that by focusing on single-player for Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, his team can keep all its attention towards providing a strong narrative. “It’s a combination of our history, our likes, and our blessings,” he explains in the recent interview. “We weren’t pressured to look into trends. We just looked at the source material, and it became pretty clear that we were going to hit the core of the Guardians through the narrative. And if you’re going to do narrative, then it’s not necessarily super-conducive to [live service or multiplayer games].Guardians senior narrative director Mary DeMarle added to this sentiment, saying that by “going single-player, we’re able to focus on building a strong story… We can put ourselves in a single viewpoint that is facing the story. And knowing that you’re working with a team of characters who are unique individuals and very unpredictable, it allows us to start playing with that to build a stronger narrative.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Team Monster

Indeed, Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy looks to have a very strong focus on narrative and player choice, with Star-Lord shaping both the game’s branching storyline and his relationships with his teammates by making moral decisions a la Mass Effect. Sure enough, Patrick Fortier has previously gone on the record to state that his newest project has more in-game dialogue than even his previous work on the narrative-heavy Deus Ex series – no small feat considering just how much time Adam Jensen spent conversing with NPCs in those titles.

Some players might find the lack of multiplayer in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy disappointing, especially given the franchise’s strong emphasis on teamwork. However, at least the talented minds at Eidos Montréal are able to keep their focus on ensuring that the game’s promising single-player narrative is the best it can be. Fans will be able to see that story for themselves when Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy hits stores on October 26.

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