Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons Expansion – New Virtuoso Class Explained

Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons Expansion – New Virtuoso Class Explained

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons adds the Virtuoso Elite Specialization, which replaces the Mesmer class’ clones with illusionary daggers and high DPS.

The first new Elite Specialization of the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion is the Mesmer’s Virtuoso. This new class promises to turn the Mesmer into a hyper-offensive glass cannon, as GW2‘s Virtuoso appears designed for pure DPS roles.

Elite Specializations are a staple of Guild Wars 2’s expansions, and End of Dragons will be no different. Rather than the addition of entire new classes, each expansion gives GW2’s classes an Elite Specialization that alters the core foundation of the class and grants it access to a new weapon and set of skills. While this system has resulted in major power creep, it has managed to smoothly incorporate new mechanics and playstyles and has been well received by the community. This time around, developer ArenaNet has opted to reveal the expansion’s Elite Specializations one at a time, rather than all at once as it did for the previous Path of Fire expansion.

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Similar to Final Fantasy 14’s upcoming Sage class, the GW2 Mesmer Virtuoso Elite Specialization can create up to five ethereal projectile weapons – daggers – that float over the character’s head. These can then be shot at a target to cause damage and inflict various status effects. The Mesmer has always struggled to deal damage as consistently Guild Wars 2‘s other classes, but all of the Virtuoso’s skills appear concentrated on quickly damaging targets.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons’ Virtuoso Removes Mesmer’s Clones

Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Expansion: New Virtuoso Class Explained

Since the release of GW2, the Mesmer’s core function has revolved around creating illusionary clones of themselves. These clones are designed to be used defensively and can be shattered to cause damage to enemies or buff the player, but the mechanic has always had issues. Oftentimes, clones despawn or are destroyed before they can be shattered, resulting in damage loss, and they sometimes simply don’t function the way the player expects. With the Virtuoso’s illusionary daggers taking the clones’ place, these issues are no longer a concern, and players can instead focus on straightforward damage dealing.

Elite Specializations are always a major selling point for any expansion, as every player’s favorite class receives a promising reason to check back into GW2. The Virtuoso looks capable of an offensive output the Mesmer hasn’t ever achieved, and players won’t have to wait too long to get firsthand experience with it, as the first Elite Specialization beta set to begin on August 17. In the meantime, ArenaNet has dropped a teaser for the next Elite Specialization in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons – a Necromancer using a pistol.

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