House GOP leader renews criticism over All-Star game shift

House GOP leader renews criticism over All-Star game shift

Top Republicans in the Georgia GOP House of Representatives renewed their party’s attack on Major League Baseball on Tuesday to remove the All-Star Game from Atlanta Braves Stadium after enacting a new banned voting law, with sports leaders confused by the criticism. to the Democratic president.

This real-life impact of poor decision makers has hurt the entire community, says House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, at a suburban Atlanta restaurant where people lined up to eat.

Democrats, however, say Republicans are solely to blame for the consequences of Georgia’s voting law, as the Republican vote was passed by the Georgia General Assembly and Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed it into law.

Rebecca Galanti, a spokeswoman for the state Democratic Party, said Republicans and no one else were responsible.

The fraud was repeated after former President Donald Trump lost the presidency to Biden after rewriting Georgia’s electoral rules.

McCarthy of California suggested that Major League Baseball should get reduced revenue from small businesses, saying the game would boost the recovery from the Covid-19 fight in the suburbs of Cob County. Once he was a staunch Republican, the county voted vigorously against Biden in 2020.

Biden declared Georgia’s law non-American and Jim Crock in the 21st century, but came under fire for abusing some of its provisions. Republicans claim that he and other Democratic opponents are responsible for the economic collapse of the game that moves to Denver.

Local leaders have claimed that the game will have an economic impact of 100 million. Critics question these figures, but the amount is a small fraction of Metro Atlanta’s $ 2.42 billion annual economy.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said he decided to eliminate All-Star events after discussions with individual players and the Players Alliance, an organization of black players formed after George Floyd’s death last year.

McCarthy two Republicans from Georgia – Rep. Barry joined Ludermilk, whose district is Cobb County and Rep. Drew Ferguson, whose district is southwest of Atlanta.

Several business owners spoke after meeting with McCarthy. Chesley Brown International Security’s Brent Brown said his staff was injured.

Hourly wage earners unable to pay for their jobs, Brown said.

Gus Tacelios owns Maritata Dinner, where McCarthy and five other Cobb County restaurants took over.

“We were looking forward to organizing that beautiful event,” said Cecilos. However, it did not happen. We must move on. Hopefully the Brave Forces keep winning and we have some playoff games.

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