How NBA 2K22 Is Changing The City For The Better

How NBA 2K22 Is Changing The City For The Better

With NBA 2K22 on the horizon, the team at 2K Sports is revealing some of the big changes it’s making to evolve The City to the next level.

NBA 2K22 is set to launch on September 10. The yearly basketball sim made the jump to next-gen consoles last year and introduced a few new features. With another year of development under its belt, 2K Sports is aiming to take those features – like The City – to the next level in NBA 2K22.

The City was one of the biggest additions to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of 2K21. After finishing the MyCareer tutorial, players were dropped into The City where they could engage in all kinds of basketball hijinks. The open-world location has everything from the massive Event Center to Special Courts and the Gatorade Training Facility. The evolution of The Park from previous gens was vast, and it laid the groundwork for what could be one of the better modes in sports games.

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For 2K22, the goal appears to be making The City feel more like the real world. The previous version had NPCs and quests on a limited basis, but 2K Sports appears to be making those a focus for this year’s iteration. That means players will have more people to engage with and more content to unlock as they see everything The City in NBA 2K22 has to offer.

What’s New In The City For NBA 2K22

On top of this RPG elements of The City, 2K is promising players will get into competitions much more quickly. Across both The City and MyTeam modes, that’s always been a sore spot with the community. If 2K gets its servers ironed out and players actually are getting into games “immediately”, that would represent a huge step forward. The other big reveal is that The City and MyPLAYER will seemingly be even more interconnected with NBA 2K22. As in real life, a NBA athletes can pursue new side activities, like becoming a fashion designer or becoming a hip-hop icon.

These additions should make the mode even more immersive. Now, players will feel more like real-world NBA superstars. The 2K MyPLAYER experience has always been heavy on story, but this should provide an opportunity for players to continue telling their story long after the narrative experience’s credits roll. And it appears that 2K has eyes for continuing to feed the community content throughout the year. The team is extending the popular seasons MyTeam players enjoy across the entire game. That means new content every six weeks or so. It seems clear that there will be plenty to do when NBA 2K22 launches in September.

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