How To Enable Google Maps Dark Mode On iPhone

How To Enable Google Maps Dark Mode On iPhone

Google Maps is a phenomenal navigation app — and it’s even better with dark mode. Learn how to enable it on iPhone with just a few taps.

Google Maps is one of the best navigation apps for iPhone, and with dark mode, users can make it look sleek and stealthy during late-night drives. Dark mode officially came to the iPhone in 2019 with iOS 13. In the years since then, numerous apps have been updated to take advantage of it. Once iOS’s system-wide dark mode is enabled, any supported apps will also change to their own dark mode appearance — resulting in a comfortable user experience when the sun goes down.

When it comes to iPhone apps, there’s a reason Google Maps is often the number one navigation application on the App Store. While Apple Maps has come a long way since its debut in 2012, there are some things that Google Maps is still better at. It’s a more robust tool for finding new restaurants, often has better accuracy for more areas than Apple Maps, and is updated with new features faster than its Apple competition.

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While the ‘normal’ design for Google Maps slaps it with a stark white background, Google offers a built-in dark mode as well. Thankfully, enabling it is as easy as can be. Per Google’s instructions, open the Google Maps app, tap the profile icon in the top-right corner, tap ‘Settings,’ tap ‘Dark mode,’ and then tap the toggle to turn it on. Users can choose to keep dark mode enabled 24/7 if they want, or ignore it and stick with light mode. Google often takes a while to roll out features to everyone, so don’t stress if the dark mode option isn’t showing up. Just check back later and it should be there!

Google Maps Dark Mode Also Works With iOS Settings

Maps dark theme

In addition to these manual controls, Google Maps’ dark mode can also be trigged with the system-wide dark mode in iOS. Open the main iPhone Settings app, tap ‘Display & Brightness,’ and tap ‘Dark’ at the top of the screen. This changes the entire iOS interface from white to dark, including any apps that support the feature (such as Google Maps).

From that Display & Brightness page, iPhone users can also turn on automatic dark mode if it isn’t enabled already. Tap the toggle next to ‘Automatic’ so that it’s green, tap the ‘Options’ button below it, and then choose when dark mode should turn on — including ‘Sunset to Sunrise’ or ‘Custom Schedule.’ This allows the iPhone to automatically cycle between light and dark modes without manual input from the user, making the whole experience that much more convenient.

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