Immortal Hulk Comes To An End With Epic 80-Page Finale

Immortal Hulk Comes To An End With Epic 80-Page Finale

Al Ewing’s The Immortal Hulk is racing towards a very ominous and creepy ending with issue #50 this October, just in time for the Halloween season.

One of the most critically-acclaimed comic book runs centered on the Hulk comes to an ominous ending this fall. Al Ewing and Joe Bennett’s The Immortal Hulk will conclude in October with an eighty-page fiftieth issue. The conclusion aims to be as memorable – and as monstrous – as the terrifying story that preceded it.

Unlike previous interpretations of the character, The Immortal Hulk imagines the classic Marvel character with a dark new horror bent. Following the death of Bruce Banner in Civil War II, Bruce resurrected with his startling new alter ego, the Immortal Hulk, sometimes called the Devil Hulk. This horrifying new version of the Hulk is every bit as strong as he is cunning, intelligent and utterly ruthless. More to the point, he only comes out at night – and is capable of appearing even if Bruce Banner is killed. The appearance of this monstrous new Hulk soon triggers a conflict with both Hulk’s allies and enemies, as well as within the Hulk’s own inner darkness as well.

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The Immortal Hulk #50, written by Al Ewing and illustrated by Joe Bennett, will finally tie up the Hulk’s struggles with the Green Door. The implications will not only reshape the future for the Incredible Hulk, but also many of his alter-egos, allies and enemies, including the One Below All, the Leader, Jackie McGee, Mr. Fixit and more. Ewing told, “Immortal Hulk #50 is the climax of everything we’ve done in this book, an 80-page crescendo that spans over a century and contains the answers to some of the biggest questions on the run. This is how it all ends – and we think it’ll be worth the wait.”

Immortal Hulk 50 Cover

Ewing’s horror influences, combined with Joe Bennett’s often-disturbing artwork, creates a terrifying new reality for Green Goliath. The comic features a heavy dose of body horror, often evident in freakish transformations the Hulk and other characters other endure. Yet The Immortal Hulk also succeeds in paying homage to the comics that preceded it, as the Hulk’s many past personalities all play a role within Bruce Banner’s fragmented psyche. Characters like the Savage Hulk, as seen in the popular Planet Hulk saga, or Joe Fixit’s rough-and-tumble personality all appear, often in the most unexpected places. In short, it’s little wonder that The Immortal Hulk has gained its fair share of critical acclaim over the last fifty issues.

All of this leaves the question – just how will The Immortal Hulk wrap up? All roads lead to the same place – the mysterious Green Door. The answers are sure to transform not only the Hulk, but potentially, his relationships, his allies and even his enemies. One thing is for sure – The Immortal Hulk is set to be one of the most memorable arcs in the character’s history, if the creative team can manage to smash the landing! The Immortal Hulk #50 goes on sale October 13th.

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