Infrastructure talks get complicated when Republicans reject Biden’s reduced counteroffer of $ 1.7 trillion

Infrastructure talks get complicated when Republicans reject Biden’s reduced counteroffer of $ 1.7 trillion

Attempts to reach a bilateral agreement on the infrastructure package are at risk after Senate Republicans on Friday rejected another 7 7.7 trillion counter-offer from the administration of President Joe Biden, leaving wide-ranging negotiations.

The sharp push after weeks of negotiations in recent days has raised great questions about Biden’s goal of passing a basic infrastructure bill with the support of Democrats and Republicans.

In his counter-proposal to cut the original $ 2.3 trillion package, Biden offered slight concessions to reduce funding for research and development, supply chains, manufacturing and small businesses. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Republicans.

Other changes to Biden’s American Employment Plan counterprocess include cutting ড 100 billion for broadband expansion to $ 65 billion, matching Senate Republicans with $ 586 billion in plan, and funding for roads and bridges.

“In our opinion, this is an art of finding common ground,” White House press secretary Jane Sosaki told a news conference on Friday. “This proposal shows an interest in reducing some of the areas that are important to the President … while standing firm in the areas that are most important in shaping our infrastructure and future industry.”

Republicans quickly rejected the counter.

Shelley Moore Capito, a spokeswoman for Sen. RWA, who is leading Republican talks with the Biden administration, said the proposal was still “beyond the limits of what Congress can pass with bilateral support.” Kelly Moore, Capti’s communications director, said the two teams were more “different” today than in a personal interview with Biden last week.

“There is still a big difference between the White House and Senate Republicans when it comes to determining infrastructure, the amount of proposed spending and how to pay for it,” Moore said. “After two meetings with White House staff, it looks like these parties will be more different than today’s meeting with President Biden.”

Senior White House officials, including Presidential Adviser Steve Ricchetti, unveiled the counter-proposal Friday while calling a conference of a group of six Republican senators led by Capito. The White House delegation also included Transportation Secretary Pete Batigieg and Commerce Secretary Gina Raymondo. The same parties meet on Tuesday.

Disabling Republicans, Biden’s counter-offer supports the president’s proposal to raise corporate taxes to 26% for new spending over the next decade.

Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell drew a “red line” last week by opposing any package that could have predicted former President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cuts by raising corporate rates.

And despite the slight discount, Biden’s counter-proposal retains other costs that Republicans oppose.

McConnell and House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said they want the package to be strictly embedded in physical infrastructure such as highways, bridges, airports and broadband expansion, not electric vehicles, home care or other preferences. “Human infrastructure” proposed by Biden.

Biden’s American Jobs Plan will include billions of dollars in other investments, including care for the elderly and the disabled, the expansion of electric vehicles and investments in sustainable transportation infrastructure. It is also running ড 1.6 billion in investments for families and children.

Believing that Biden’s gestures are less likely to influence Republicans, some Democrats are pushing Biden to end the talks and approve his infrastructure and job plans without Republican support.

Biden and Democrats could try to pass the American Jobs Plan with a simple majority in an equally divided Senate by reshuffling the budget. This would prevent any obstruction effort led by Republicans, meaning that a Republican vote would not be needed to pass the package unless all Democrats agreed.

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