iPhone Users Can Now Share Tweets Directly To An Instagram Story

iPhone Users Can Now Share Tweets Directly To An Instagram Story

Twitter users can now share a Tweet directly to an Instagram Story from their iOS device, instead of having to rely on taking a screenshot.

Twitter users now have the ability to share Tweets directly to an Instagram Story from their iPhone. First introduced in 2016, Instagram Stories provide a Snapchat-like ability to share photos or videos that last for 15 seconds and then disappear after twenty-four hours. While users could previously share a Tweet to other social media apps including Facebook or Tumblr on an iPhone, Instagram Stories was not an option. Another Instagram Stories-related limitation is also set to be fixed soon thanks to the upcoming option to save a Story as a draft, a feature previously limited to Feed posts and Reels. 

Besides the ability to share Tweets directly, Twitter recently unveiled Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces, two new features that offer users exclusive content from their favorite creators for a fee. Twitter also rolled out its Twitter Blue subscription tier with an Undo Tweet feature earlier this month. Twitter Blue is currently available to Canadian users for $3.49 CAD or Australian users for $4.49 AUD. 

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Revealed by the official Twitter account, iOS users can now share a Tweet to an Instagram story right from the Twitter app. Before the update, users only had the option of taking a screenshot of a Tweet when sharing to an Instagram Story. Not only was this method less convenient, but it also took up storage space on the device’s camera roll. Before attempting to share a Tweet to Instagram Stories, users will want to make sure they have the Instagram app downloaded on their device and that the Twitter iOS app is updated to the most recent version.

Getting Started & Sharing A Tweet To Instagram Stories

To start sharing, open the Twitter app and find a Tweet to share. Then, tap on the Share icon, the upward arrow located next to the Like button. From here, it is simply a matter of tapping on the new Instagram Stories icon which will then launch the Instagram app and a new Instagram Story featuring the Tweet. As to be expected, Instagram users can further customize the Story, including adding a sticker. Once the Tweet is placed and sized as desired, tap the Send To button, choose to add to a Story and then whether to share it just with close friends or send to a follower as a DM. 

The new feature is definitely an exciting addition to both Twitter and Instagram. Right now, users can’t tap on the Tweet to go back to the original post on Twitter, the way they can when sharing an Instagram post. However, that’s a minor drawback and, considering the feature is still so new, the ability to tap through to Twitter may arrive in the future. In the meantime, taking advantage of sharing Tweets to Instagram Stories is yet another way to connect two of the most popular social media apps. 

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Source: TwitterTwitter Help Center

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